Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series Event 2- The Maui Challenge

Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series Event 2-
The Maui Challenge

1st place- Jack Mulholland
2nd place- Brian McOuat
3rd place- Dakota Camp
4th place- Kawai Marks


Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series Event 1- The Big Island Shootout.

Aloha everyone!
Checking in from the Big Island where we opened up the series with a quick downhill race at the homestead.
The conditions were perfect at the hill; choke sun, small kine clouds, and a nice breeze to keep it cool. It was a mellow day, with only a few cars coming through the whole time. The initial course was patchy at best, and really quite scary, the riders decided to move further down the hill. They selected the course, spotters were set up and the practice runs got under way. The riders took a few runs on the now closed course testing the speeds and working up some course knowledge. Cameras were now in place, spotters had their signals dialed and the boys were ready to race.
The course was epic! They took it full speed wobbling through the bacon right, on the edge of grip banking left and then catching even more speed before drifting through the final left corner to the finish. It was anybody’s game, but after a few rounds of intense, fun racing, Zach emerged with the victory.
It was a rad time for everyone, for the race and all the skating that commenced after. We’re stoked and thankful that the event was a success! We are looking forward to the next event of the series in Maui! We’ll see you all next weekend!

Aloha and a hui hou!
1st- Zach Newman
2nd- Brian McOuat
3rd- Dakota Camp
4th- Dalton Iwabuchi
Please enjoy this video put together by the homie Easten Tanimoto! @tanimotofoto