10th Annual Festival of Sugar and Love and Overall Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series RESULTS.

Another year of the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series is here for 2017 - 2018 and expect the same good ole Hawaiian outlaw racing.
Here are the dates to book. 
More details will be out a few weeks before each event.

Big Island Flow Fest
Hilo. Big Island, Hawaii
December 30 - 31, 2017

Maui Challenge
Haleakala. Maui, Hawaii
January 27 - 28, 2018

The Festival of Sugar and Love 10
South Side. Oahu, Hawaii
February 24 - 25, 2018

The 10th Annual Festival of Sugar and Love. 
The Loop
Feb 24-25. 

Meet at the loop campsite at 10am on the 24th and we will carpool to the race hill. Get ready to get scorched! 

Then we will return to the loop that evening for a night of freeriding, bbq, tunes and camping. 

The following day, Sunday the 25th we will be starting the FOSAL freeride at 10am till sundown. It will be a checklist freeride again so if you want to get your checklist be sure to get there at 10. 

The race will be $20 to race and all the prize money will go straight back to the winners along with some schwag thanks to our supporters! 

If you plan on camping you can get a permit the link below, or make sure your names on a permit.
See everyone at the loop on Saturday, Feb 24!

The 2017 - 2018 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series has completed another successful season. 
We started off in December over on the Big Island, next up was the Maui Challenge in January, then the 10th annual Festival of Sugar and Love on Oahu finished it off in February... and what an epic event it was to finish off the series. 
Hawaii's top downhill skateboarders traveled to the gathering isle to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the race/slide jam combo that has been a staple in the Hawaii downhill skateboard community for a decade now. 

We all met up at the loop on a sunny Saturday morning to get signed up for the event an get set up on our hillside campsite. 

 Once everyone arrived and signed up, we drew heats and made a short drive over to the race hill... The Scorcher. If you haven't seen or herd of this course, its short and INTENSE. The whole course comes in at just under a mile. STEEP, three hairpins, W concave in the road, complete with cracks, glass and gravel lining the whole thing. Top speed is about 35-40 mph but with the conditions of the road it feels closer to 50! 
After about an hour of practice runs, we got straight into racing. 1 on 1 all the way to the finals. 

Round 1 is on and everyone is slaying the road. I think this event has been around for so long that everyone forgot how bad the road is and just raced it like its butter. 

Once the race started it moved along smooth and quick.
After several rounds we were down to our final 4 racers. Sterling Balles vs Kawai Marks and 3x repeat Scorcher winner, Dante Alston vs Johnathan Valenzuela. In the first heat Kawai takes the lead from the start and holds a clean line the whole way making it down in first to advance to the finals. 
The next heat was pretty hectic! John got the lead on Dante from the start, but couldn't get much of a gap. Coming into the fast turn they were almost touching from when they threw their drifts to when they exited the corner. Coming into the last corner John holds the lead but ends up crashing on the exit of the corner, which also makes Dante go down. John gets up and runs across the finish, Dante jumps on his board and rolls across the finish, advancing him on to the finals.
First up of the final rounds is the Consi. 
Sterling vs Johnathan.
John takes the lead off the start, Sterling closely following behind. They both come down the steep straight avoiding all hazards and drift clean into the fast right. Both skaters take clean lines and exit fast. John holds a solid lead into the last corner and make it through in front for the win.
Now the Finals.
Kawai vs Dante.
If Kawai wins this heat, not only is he the Scorcher champ... but also the overall Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series season champion. 

3, 2, 1 ... GO!
Kawai takes off in front while Dante seems to almost seems to want to fall into second. Both skaters hold their tucks coming into the fast right. Kawai drifts first, forcing Dante to slide right away. They were CLOSE but Dante just held off from bumping Kawai. His hand was almost over Kawai's board during the drift! They both come out looking clean holding speed into the next straight. Kawai sets up for the left and dives to the inside line while Dante does a squat drift to line up for an outside line. Just as they approach the exit leading into the finish line Kawai's line forces him to scrub a little speed while Dante is fully gripped. Once they straighten out to tuck that last few feet to the finish Dante makes a pass to take his fourth Scorcher win in a row! 
Now that the race is done, we grab food and camping supplies then head back to our hill side campsite for the night. 
We got settled. Set up some turn tables, sounds and a BBQ grill then got to the race and overall series results. Every skater who showed up at the race walked away with a handful of schwag thanks to our AWESOME supporters. 
Following the awards we kept the stoke going all night with some music, tasty grinds and positive vibes. 
The next morning we all woke up bright and early in our tents, grabbed some breakfast and got to the slide jam! 
Like last year, we passed out checklist's with a TON of things to try to accomplish on your skateboard throughout 4 hours. This allows riders to get as nuts or as mellow as they want during the jam, but almost everyone was skating non stop. 

When the skating slowed down and everyone seemed content, we collected the checklists and added up the points. 
Taking home the win of the 10 year of FOSAL, all the way from Portland is Casey Morrow, who got almost 100 points more than the rest of the riders!

We couldn't have asked for a better weekend to finish off another season of the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series. 
I want to thank every skater and supporter who have ever had a hand in the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series and The Festival of Sugar and Love over all of these years. A decade of this event is a HUGE accomplishment and it couldn't have happened without you. 
We hope to see everyone next winter! 

Check back for the event video coming soon.

The Scorcher 8 Results
1st- Dante Alston
2nd- Kawai Marks
3rd- Jonathan Valenzuela
4th- Sterling Balles

The Festival of Sugar and Love Results
1st-  Casey Morrow
2nd- Mackenzie Yoshida
3rd- Toopy

2017 - 2018 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series Overall Results
1st- Brian McOuat
2nd- Kawai Marks
3rd Johnny Olter

2010 – 2011 Series Champion – Mackenzie Yoshida
2011 – 2012 Series Champion – Mackenzie Yoshida
2012 – 2013 Series Champion – Nikko Kamanuwai
2013 – 2014 Series Champion – Dakota Camp
2014 – 2015 Series Champion – Zach Newman
2015 – 2016 Series Champion – Dakota Camp
2016 – 2017 Series Champion – Dakota Camp
2017 -2018 Series Champion - Brian McOuat 

All Photos - 
Erik Sato
Mackenzie Yoshida