2016 - 2017 HawaiiWinterOutlawSeries Presents- The Festival of Sugar and Love 9

The 2016-2017 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series is heading to Oahu for the 3rd and final event. The 9th Annual Festival of Sugar and Love is back again with a weekend full of wheel turning festivities. Through out the weekend we will have a full day of freeriding and a day of racing which will determine our series champion. For the F.O.S.A.L racing portion this year we will be back on The Scorcher, so be ready! 
Please be at the loop on Feb 25 at 10am sharp. Please keep skateboarding at a minium when arriving. We will have tons of skate time through out the weekend. Lots of riders will be camping overnight from the 25th - 26th, if you want to get a camping permit for your group contact me for locaton details. 
See everyone at The Festival of Sugar and Love 9. 

The 9th Annual Festival of Sugar and Love 9
When- Feb 25 - 26
Where- The Loop.
Freeride- Free
Race- $15
Helmet and gloves are required. Full pads/ leathers recomended. 

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  1. This has been my go to event all year hardly can beleive this is the final event hawai winter outlaw series needs to come up with such events for adrenaline junkies like myself