2015 - 2016 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series event 1- The Big Island Flow Fest RESULTS

Photo- Juston Littelton

Yesterday we kicked off the 2015 -2016 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series season over on the Big Island. Saturday was postponed due to a passing storm but Sunday was prime time!
 It was a fast draft battle to the finish and taking home the win was last series champion Zach Newman, starting off the season right to defend his title once again.

2015 - 2016 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series Event 1
The Big Island Flow Fest

1st - Zach Newman ( Maui ) 
2nd - Dakota Camp ( Maui )
3rd - Brian McOuat ( Big Island )
4th - Jack Bain ( Australia )

Thanks everyone who made it out.
A full write up, photos and videos will be up soon so be sure to check back. 

2015 - 2016 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series

The Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series is back once again for another epic season of Downhill Skateboarding events. 
Like last year out events will run from October through February, One event on the Big Island, one on Maui and we will finish things off on Oahu. Good times and great vibes guaranteed!
Be sure to keep checking back here for more detailed information as each event gets closer. We will have all information up on when and where each event will be... as well as how you can take part in the fun.
Hope to see everyone this year at a Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series event!

2015 - 2016 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series

Event 1- The Big Island Flow Fest. Mauna Kea, Hawaii.             Oct 17-18, 2015.

Event 2 - The Maui Challenge. Haleakala, Maui.                        Dec 19 - 20, 2015.

Event 3 - The Festival of Sugar and Love. All Ova, Oahu.          Feb 20 - 21, 2016.

If you haven't herd of the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series before take a few moments to read about it and check out some of our past coverage!

The Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series or H.W.O.S is Hawaii’s main and only race series, which has been running for 5 seasons now. Since the birth of the H.W.O.S the events have done nothing but grow bigger and better thanks to our supporters. Not only has the series established it’s self here on the islands, but it has got lots of recognition on a national and worldwide level.
            Here in Hawaii the series has been a HUGE contributing factor to the growth of the sport of Downhill Skateboarding statewide. Over the 5 years we have grown to cover multiple islands with the safest outlaws we can provide bringing pure stoke to all. Scenes have popped up and grown strong in areas that I couldn’t have even imagined half a decade ago, some even breeding world class skaters!
            Why the winter? Why Not! Here in Hawaii we are blessed with pristine weather year round. So we figure it’s a perfect place and time to get in an off season Skatecation with some racing on the side.  And over the years it’s proven to be a favorite getaway for tons of teams and riders from all over the globe. We’ve seen many riders return year after year once they get their taste of the Hawaiian Outlaw scene.  Wouldn’t you want to come get in some beach time with little bit of skating while its freezing back home?
            Though our events are “Outlaws”, we try to do everything we can to ensure safe skating. Either the events are held on closed roads or nearly empty roads with controlled traffic. Even with the closed roads we provide moss bales/ pads for safe-ish crashes. We also keep corner marshals ready with with walkie talkies and a flag system to ensure riders know what is around every bend and corner.  We also REQUIRE fullface helmets and gloves. Leather’s or full pads are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED in every event.
            Last season was the first season we cut the series from 6 events to 3 events and this worked out perfectly! Though we have less events, we are able to focus more time and schwag to each islands event ensuring that the event is the best we can make it.  It also gives the competing skaters a little more time to raise money and leave time from work to travel to each event with less hassle.
With the huge help of our Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series ambassadors Zach Newman (Maui), Dakota Camp (Maui) and Brian McOuat (Big Island) … we will continue to cover 3 different islands in 3 events. Since getting the help from these awesome staples in the community, we are able to fine tune each event exactly to what the local scene wants.
            The series this year will be starting in October over on the Big Island with an epic, FAST hill to start things off proper. Then in December we will hop over to Maui for The Maui Challenge, which is proven to be a favorite to riders from all over the globe. Finishing off the series in February we will be on Oahu for The 8th Annual Festival of Sugar and Love, a weekend long skate fest combining all sorts of fun on a skateboard!
            Like in the past seasons, we will award the riders with goods who make podium at each individual race. We also keep a points system going through out the series and we award the top points Champs with some extra goodies, trophies n’ $$$ to keep em stoked for making the effort to travel to each event.  

Photo- Juston Littelton

2015 - 2016 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series Event 1
Big Island Flow Fest
Saddle Road, Big Island, Hawaii

We welcome you back to the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series! 

Winter has come back around once more. This hurricane season has been very active and we all have been waiting in angst for this time of year to come around again. And here we are, with the HWOS 2015-2016 Season!

Starting it off right, on the Big Island, the boys rallied down the slopes of the Worlds tallest volcano, when measured from the sea floor, named Mauna Kea The day of the race was weathered with heavy rain, lightning and thunder, just like last year, but the rain alternate day proved to be a beautiful clear and calm Sunday.

When arriving at the race hill on Sunday the course was not entirely dry, with some patches in questionable places and some slight debris. In favor of safety the course was relocated a mile up the hill to a very steep section. This new course was epic! Dropping in and already going very quick, a slight left right sweeper into a much faster (50mph+) off-camber right bender, across a straight and lastly dropping steeply through a drawn out left to the finish line. The warm up runs got under way quickly. Racers were chilling in the low 50s with the faster packs touching up on 55+ mph. It was a quick rush to say the least, a direct injection of adrenaline. 
There were a total of 13 entrants for the race, and with visitors from off island the Big Island boys had their work cut out. Entrants had traveled to the Big Island from Maui and as far away as Australia and Santa Barbara. The heats were drawn at the meet spot prior to arriving at the hill. During the very first practice run, Pat Welsh from Santa Barbara swung out a little too wide and connected with a reflector, ejecting him from his board. Pat hit the ground going WAY fast, lost his shoe and got majorly skirbed up. Big Islands Noah Tadio also went down on the first run, wobbled out from the speed. They both champed it out and finished the run together. Pat dropped out of the race due to serious injury, and Noah continued on in his assigned bracket (he made it through and on to 8th place) The racers battled it out through the rounds til only the top 4 were left in the finals. Jack Bain from Australia, Dakota Camp and Zach Newman from Maui, and lastly Brian McOuat from the Big Island, racing to defend the home turf. 

The heat got under way with myself pushing out into first followed by Zach, Dakota then Jack. Through the sweeper I held the lead, in the exit Zach was on me, with a little bump from Zach I wobbled out of the way, quick adrenaline shot, then it was back on. Zach squeezed by with Dakota in his draft bubble, around the fast right bender, I scooted in right behind them with Jack on my tail. Too late though, their draft pack had enough momentum to pull away from me and Jack. Zach and Dakota were taking off. Jack was following closely behind me eyeing his chance for a pass, as I kept the inside line Jack would catch me but never with quite enough momentum to pass. At the finish line Dakota was making for the last minute pass, but Zach held enough distance and speed to cross in first with Dakota very close beside him. Jack and I fly past a moment later nearly as close together as Dakota and Zach. Whew!! 

Heats were finished and everyone was in high spirits, the race was over and we were was back on Hawaiian time once more. We mellowed out with a few epic runs down the entire length of the hill. Dakota took a speedometer app on the run with him and clocked over 56 mph at the fastest section. No spills on the cruise runs, just epic times with beautiful views and a choice run to remember for a lifetime.

Back to the park headed the pack of mellowed skaters to dish out prizes and cash and to reminisce about the race. Before long the rain began to move in though and so the session was moved to the slopes of Mauna Loa where the boys had sessioned the day before while the course was rained out. But little did the group of skaters know, after having traveled up Mauna Loa ONLY 9 miles the day before, turns out that the run continued on for another 8 miles up the mountain Only upon arriving at the very top of the run at more than 11,000 ft in elevation did the group realize what had just been discovered. The run totals out at over 17 miles long with an elevation change of nearly 5,000 feet. After melting our brains for a few minutes on the amazing views, the run before us and the amount of driving that was just done to get to the top of the mountain, the pack was finally ready for descension. Im not going to describe much more about the run other than that if you havent made a trip to the Big Island to skate yet, youre blowing it. Im going to leave this tasty morsel in the back of your minds so that next year the HWOS Big Island Flow Fest will be an event on your calendar.

But we will revisit this idea again next year, because for now…. The 2nd event of the HWOS, The Maui Challenge, the event and trip we wait year round for, is on in December!!! December 18-20 on Maui, don’t miss out on the epic adventure! We’ll see you next in Maui!

Coming at you from the Big Island of Hawaii, 

Brian McOuat
WheelTurnerHawaii Ambassador 

Additional Photos- Juston Littelton

Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series Event 2
The Maui Challenge 6
Haleakala. Maui, Hawaii

The holiday season has returned and while most of you out there are bundling up to escape winter's frigid grip we here in Hawai'i are still basking in the sunlight and skating our ears off every chance we get. The Hawai'i Winter Outlaw Series has been a winter staple for us in the island's for 6 seasons now, it is our yearly reminder of how incredibly lucky we are to live in a place that allows for year round shredding and it show's no signs of slowing down. As the year's go by the level of racing increases exponentially and the courses keep getting more and more challenging, so far this season is no exception. The Big Island boys started the season off proper with a maniacal hill on the slopes of Mauna Kea that put not only the rider's abilities to the test but their bravery as well with speed topping 60mph/100kph, surely that's no easy act to follow.

As December rolled around anticipation started to build over a favorite event amongst yearly competitors, The Maui Challenge. This year was promising to be more competitive and diverse than years past thanks to crews from Washington and California making the trip out to join all the regular island racers. The day finally arrived and we were up with the sun making final preparations while trying to control our childish giddy excitement for what was about to go down.
Photos- Mackenzie Yoshida

Nestled high up the volcano in a dense forest of eucalyptus trees adorned with glowing orange moss lies a 6 1/2 mile stretch of buttah asphalt that winds unabated through the valleys and ridges of an ancient lava flow, completing 22 hairpin corners and over 100 sweeping turns, that we affectionately refer to as the Lavender Farm. We chose a section of road offering 2 steep hairpin corners with 7 sharp kinks in between and started drawing heats. We decided to run 4 qualifying head to head heats; 1 point for a win, 0 points for a loss, after the 4 heats we tally the points and build a single elimination bracket to decide the winner. This allowed for tons of runs and plenty stoke!
Photos- Mackenzie Yoshida

The course proved to be more technical yet far easier than what we had experienced last year, meaning that racing was tight from the start. The determination was evident on the field of faces, it was as if every skater firmly believed they had a shot at winning. After countless close heats and very little wrecks we had worked our way through qualifying rounds, separating the field and ending up with a STACKED 11 man bracket. Notable contenders included Washington’s Rain Daley, Oahu’s Kaimana Pinto and Kj Nakanelua, Byron Essert from California, French Canadian Matt Kienzle and Maui’s own Dakota Camp. (Matt K has won the previous 2 years.)

Photo- Mackenzie Yoshida
Photo- Evan Higa

Following two more rounds of intense, close heats we had found our final 3 skaters and it was no surprise as they had been out shredding the competition all day. Rain Daley, Byron Essert and hometown hero Dakota Camp would battle it out for the 2015 Maui Challenge crown!
Photos- Mackenzie Yoshida

Byron shot out in front off the push followed closely by Dakota and then Rain. Entering the first dropping hairpin, which determines your speed for the less steep more curvaceous section ahead, the riders stayed in perfect formation as listed above. Everyone exits the corner with maximum speed and got in to a human centipede draft train nose in ass squeezing the deodorant out of their pits waiting for the one ahead to make a mistake. The mistake never came and line after line was absolutely nailed by all 3 finalists. They crossed the finish line in the order they started, Byron Essert in first, Dakota Camp second and Rain Daley third. What a day!

Photos- Mackenzie Yoshida

Huge thanks to all those in attendance, riders and spotters alike, and our generous sponsors. This day wouldn’t have been as memorable without all those involved.  Next stop is the Festival of Sugar and Love on Oahu in February to finish off another epic season. Hope to see you all there!!

- Zach Newman
WheelTurnerHawaii Ambassador 

Photo- Evan Higa

Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series Event 3
The Festival of Sugar and Love 8.
Oahu, Hawaii. 

Words by 
Mackenzie Yoshida

Photos by
 Jacob Lambert
Justin Lee
Mackenzie Yoshida

February in Hawaii is a good month for us. 
 The weather is beautiful for skateboarding, not too hot but nice and dry. Lots of traveling skaters seem to gravitate to the islands before the race season. The waves are pumping. OH! And its also the month that the final event of the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series takes place on Oahu. 

We started the series in October over on the Big Island of Hawaii high up on the hills of Mauna Loa. Racers tucked hard and drafted strategically… taking home the win was Maui's Zach Newman. 

Next up in December was the Maui Challenge on the slopes of Haleakala. This course was a bight more tech and tight than event 1… and showing locals a thing or two, taking the win was California's Byron Essert. 

Finishing up the series this year, shredders from several different islands AND countries gathered for the 8th Annual Festival of Sugar and Love, weekend long skate fest! 

When day 1 arrived, anxious skateboarders from all over Hawaii, the mainland, Canada and Australia gathered at Oahu's famous S Turn at the Loop to kick off the festivities. If you haven't been to or have never seen the loop… its a one way downhill stretch of sugary pavement, with a bit of character, that winds through the trees along the top of the Ko'olaus. The jam corner, the S, is two back to back turs that drop several stores within the corner. So sliding your way through the corners is a must… but who will do it the steeziest? 
In the past years we held a few elimination rounds and worked our way down to a winner. This year was a bit different. Skaters were given several hours to cruise and skate… when the day was finished we chose the person who looked like they were having the most fun through out the WHOLE day. 
While skaters were jamming the hill we saw all kinds of approaches to the challenging corner. Fast race lines, slidey double kick dirt runs, beginners holding on for dear life, and even some of the top pros from the Landyachtz team were strutting their stuff.
After a long day of destroying wheels and littering the hill with urethane, we set up camp on the hill and got set for a night of lurkage, with a touch of partying. 

Once everyone was mellowed out from the day, F.O.S.A.L head official for the year Dalton Iwabuchi gathered everyone to announce the winner of day 1. No one was the least bit surprised to hear that taking home the win for the first day, shredding and standing out all day like always was Dante Alston. 
Following the awards the fun continued to roll on through the night. BBQ goods, some beers, rope swings and camp vibes… can't go wrong!

The next morning racers for up bright and early, packed up camp and shot out to the North Shore for the race portion of the event. 
Todays course… a LOT different from yesterday. From narrow, tech and drifty to wide, sweepy and FAST. Before we even started our way up the hill tons of truck tightens and wheel swaps were going down. 
When all the racers showed up we started our way up the hill to the race course. As soon as we got the sign ups and bracketing out of the way we sent everyone up for their first practice run. 
Though people sounded nervous about the course, everyone was flying down it in packs, full tucked… hitting speeds above 50mph at the fastest dip of the course. 
One practice run down, one to go before starting the first round ANDDDD of course… Hawaii weather decides to pull a quick one and go from sunny to raining in no time. As we've learned in the past, this is NOT a hill to be raced in the rain. 
So, we gathered all racers and discussed what possibilities we had to make the event happen. We came up with a vote to either drive across the island to another GNARLY race course with no weather report at all OR head to a closer, mellower path which would be dry… and if it decides to rain in that area the path is a safer race option. 
After taking a vote we decided to head to the path for some head to head racing.
Once again upon arrival the setups started to get tweaked again. Now the course is a narrow sidewalk with a dip and 7 back to back corners, about 25mph or so... everything gripable.

We got in a couple quick practice runs and it was game on!
With Hawaii's top shredders, like past series winners Zach Newman, Dakota Camp and Mackenzie Yoshida along with world tour racers such as Billy Bones Meiners, Troy Grenier and Dillon Stephens… this first head to head round was STACKED from the start. 
The reggae horn sounded off to start round one and we flew through the race from there. A few visitors seemed to sneak through the rounds, but as we got to the final rounds there was still a heavy local presence. We even still had our current overall points 1st and 2nd place racers still in the event battling to win the series title. 
When it came down to the finals, it was Dante Alston vs Maui's title contender Zach Newman. The consi's were Canada's Dillon Stephens vs Maui's other series title contender Dakota Camp… not only was the F.O.S.A.L title on the line, but this would also decide the over all series title. 

First up was the Consi's.
Dakota had to ensure he got as many points as he could if he wanted to lock down another overall title win and he did just that.  The Maui local was able to fight off visiting Canadian Dillon Stephens to take 3rd place.
Now its the Finals.
Maui's Zach Newman vs. Oahu's Dante Alston…Who already took home one win this weekend, would he win both the slide jam and the race?!
As soon as the head started Dante ran out in front full sprint with a SOLID throw down getting him in front from the start. Zach wouldn't let him get a gap and held nice and close coming into the turns. As they zig zagged through the bends Dante held a solid line not leaving any room for Zach to get by. They lean hard into the last right bend of the course and Zach couldn't squeeze through… Dante takes the WIN.

Following the event we tallied up the overall series points, got prizes ready and the awards were on. Everyone was stoked to cheer on local favorite Dante Alston as he went up to claim his second first place of the weekend, making him the Festival of Sugar and Love king.

Now it was time for the overall series points. Everyone knew how close the top 4 racers were in points and were trying to add it up before i even could! The stoke was high and everyone wanted to know who their 15' - 16' Series champion is.
Finally we announce the new champ… and taking the win by just a few points is Dakota Camp, making this is his second overall series 1st place title! Zach Newman was just behind in 2nd, but these two are the best of friends and couldn't be more stoked for each other. 3rd place this year making it a top 3 Maui sweep is Johnathan Valnezuela. Big Islands representative Brian McOuat nabbed 4th. Oahu's Mackenzie Yoshida in 5th and B.I's Dusty Owens rounding off the top 6.
All the skaters and event organizers of the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series want to send a HUGE mahalo to all of the supporters who helped us make this happen!

To all the racers, MAHALO for continuing to come out and share the stoke… the Hawaiian downhill skateboarding scene is a very special family and without the crew we wouldn't be anything.

Keep an eye on WheelTurnerHawaii.com through the year for the latest in Hawaii downhill skateboarding. Also keep an eye out in September 2016 for info on the next Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series.


- The WheelTurnerHawaii.com Ambassadors.
Brian McOuat, Zach Newman, Dakota Camp and Mackenzie Yoshida