The Scorcher 5 Finishes Off Another Great Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series Season.

Yesterday wheel turners from across the Hawaiian island’s gathered on the South Side of Oahu for the finale of the 2014 – 2015 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series season and The Scorcher 5 was the ultimate way to conclude it.
Riders battled it out 1 vs. 1 all day on the steep, roughly paved hairpins and by the end of the day we had our new Scorcher champ as well as our overall Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series champion.
It is a beautiful, dry sunny day out and stoke is in the air.
Racers lined up at the start, decided on what push style they would start, then with the drop of a rock they were off down the course. There is very limited push area before you enter the first left hairpin so having a good start was KEY. After gripping through the first left on the inside smooth patch you get to the big straight of the racecourse. Steep, roughly 250 feet or so, potholes that at times take up half the road, full of cracks and topped with w concave. Once rumbling down the straight you get to the fastest corner of the hill, a sharp right hairpin that you need to throw a biggg drift for with a nice little smooth inside patch to link on. This corner is known to make or break riders. Tumbles, sliding into the dirt and the occasional road rash tends to happen here.
If you survive the right you tuck hard down the last little straight into the last left hairpin… id say this is the most underestimated one. Though not as scary as the previous right, this one can get pretty tricky. Some go for the grip, others drift and the difference between these lines have resulted in some last minute passes in the past.
This turn like the rest is steep, pretty rough and filled with cracks. It does have an inside smooth patch like the rest of them which all racers shoot for. As soon as you exit the corner there’s just enough space to tuck for one last second then you cross the finish line.
After a few rounds of quick starts, fast drifts, a few crashes n’ passes we got down to our final 4 racers. 2 of them are still in the running for the overall series title.

We have a past Scorcher winner Dante Alston up against fellow Oahu shredder Ian Coronas who has been killing it all season. In the other heat we have Maui’s Zach Newman, who is #2 in the overall points at this point, up against KJ Nakanelua who is #3.
In the first heat Dante started in front of Ian. Both riders skated fast and clean making the course look like butter. At the bottom Dante was able to hold it together in front to take the win.

The next heat got a little more interesting. Zach got ahead of KJ in the first corner and into the straight. Both riders drift clean through the fast right and tuck into the final corner. When entering the left Zach goes to throw a small pre drift and ends up over sliding. Still on the small inside patch of the corner, nearly touching KJ, Zach whips a 180 and finishes the race in switch and crosses the finish in 1st moving him onto the finals with Dante.
Now the consis are up and it’s KJ vs. Ian. KJ gets the front position into the first corner and the straight. Both regular foot riders took a run as clean as it gets and kept it close. Holding the lead till the finish was KJ by a couple board lengths ahead of Ian.
The finals are up, Dante and Zach.
Dante is able to get in front in the first corner and down the straight. Both skaters tuck as hard as they can, getting ready for the drift for the right. Dante throws his one handed backside predrift just ahead of Zach’s… Dante able to link up just a little bit before Zach. As soon as they grip up they are back into their tucks, shooting down the final straight followed by running spectators.  Dante sits on the corner, Zach drops a hand… both riders exiting fast. Zach’s exit speed just wasn’t enough to pass Dante into the finish.
Oahu’s Dante Alston takes home his SECOND Scorcher WIN.

We left the hill and gathered at a nearby park for the big results and prizes.
We were loaded with gear and cash to stoke out all the racers who participated. Deck, decks, decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, bushings, griptape, T’s, gloves, pucks, toe stops, hugs, high fives and all kinds of other goods thanks to out loyal supporters who we cant thank enough.
When the points from this event were all added up a few positions changed and we had our 2014 – 2015 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series Podium. Maui’s Zach Newman’s Scorcher performance was just enough to get him into 1st Place overall. Not only did he kill it by helping organize an epic Maui Challenge… he was on point through out the whole season and it paid off. Did I mention its his birthday?! Not a bad day to win the season.
Right in his draft in second is last years champion Dakota Camp. Coming in third is style master KJ Nakanelua. 
I’d like to thank everyone involved with the series for helping to make it another amazing season. We are spreading the stoke of the Hawaiian Downhill Skateboarding scene more n’ more every year and don’t plan on stopping. Be sure to keep an eye out on WheelTurnerHawaii.com for details on the next Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series.

The Scorcher 5

1st Dante Alston
2nd Zach Newman
3rd KJ Nakanelua
4th Ian Coronas

2014 – 2015 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series Overall
1st  Zach Newman
2nd Dakota Camp
3rd KJ Nakanelua
4th Ian Coronas

Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series Champions

2010 – 2011 Series Champion – Mackenzie Yoshida
2011 – 2012 Series Champion – Mackenzie Yoshida
2012 – 2013 Series Champion – Nikko Kamanuwai
2013 – 2014 Series Champion – Dakota Camp
2014 – 2015 Series Champion – Zach Newman


The Scorcher 5 TOMORROW.

The traveling riders are showing up and the excitement is in the air... The final event of the 2014 - 2015 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series is TOMORROW. We are gonna be finishing off the series with The Scorcher 5 and things are gonna get hectic! This event we will also be crowning the overall series champ so everyone will be hungry for the win.

2014 - 2015 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series 
The Scorcher 5

When. Jan 17. alt 18.
1030am SHARP

We will be meeting under the bridge at the Moanalua Community Park at 1030am SHARP and will carpool to the jam hill then. THIS IS A RACERS ONLY RACE, NO SPECTATORS. Sorry, but we want to respect the community around the jam zone and keep things as mellow/ crowd free as possible. 

$10 to jam. All $ goes to the top jammers.
A helmet and gloves are REQUIRED. Full pads or leathers are recommended. 

See you guys tomorrow!


2014 - 2015 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series Overall Ranking After Event 2.

We are well underway with the 2014 - 2015 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series, The Triple Crown of Downhill Skateboarding, and its been an epic season. The troops started over on the Big Island for the Big Island Flow Fest which was a perfect way to kick off the season. Next everyone gathered over on Maui for an INSANE Maui Challenge. Now to finish it off, everyone is meeting up on the south side of Oahu for The Scorcher 5 which isn't one to miss! 

Here are the overall series points ranking after the first two events. The top slots are close and it will come down to this final event to determine our series champ. Will Dakota Camp take it home for Maui for a second year? Or will one of the riders in his draft have what it takes to bump themselves into first. 

Find out this weekend after THE SCORCHER 5!

Im human and humans do make mistakes... if you see something wrong with the points send me a message at stoked skaters@aol.com and i will get it fixed asap.


HawaiiWinterOutlawSeries event 3 - The Scorcher 5.

The final stop of the 2014 - 2015 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series is going down this month and we are gonna finish off the series proper. The Scorcher 5 is going down on Jan 17, 2015 ( Jan 18 alt. date ) and boy is it gonna be hectic. The Scorcher has proven throughout the years to be one of the gnarliest race courses the Hawaiian islands have to offer. 
Riders will be going head to head down a closed road with 3 dropping hairpins connected by steep straights. Not only do the turns have character but so does the pavement. It is a gutted black top road with holes, gravel, cracks, w concave and all the other features needed to have some extra fun. 
Every year the road falls apart more and more but the skating only gets faster and closer... i can't wait to see the race this year.

Like all H.W.O.S events riders are REQUIRED to wear a full face helmet and gloves, full pads or leathers are recommended. 

The riders meet spot will be posted on the site on Jan 16th, so be sure to check back. 
Everyone that wants to participate will have to be at the riders meeting previous to the race. 

Get hyped, the winner of the 2014 - 2015 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series will be crowned on the 17th! Who's gonna take it home?


HawaiiWinterOutlawSeries Presents The Maui Challenge VIDEO.

Last month the 2nd event of the 2014 - 2015 Hawaiian Winter Outlaw Series went down over on Maui  and it was pretty EPIC to say the least. Maui boys Dakota Camp and Zach Newman killed it at getting together an event that was ALL TIME to anyones standards. All racers got to skate a ton of runs all day on, what i consider one of the best roads in the world. A beautiful, narrow, butter smooth squiggle of blacktop through a jungle that'll make you dizzy it has so many turns. Oh and there happened to be "road maintenance" during the time of the event which resulted in a fully closed course to cars. I told you it was all time. 

Team Shoots member and WheelTurnerHawaii ambassador Kaimana Pinto was there to capture some insane footage of the event during the final few rounds. 

Sit back and watch some gnar bar racing go down.

Race Day Selects from Kaimana Pinto on Vimeo.

Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series
The Maui Challenge

1st Place Matt Kinzle
2nd Zach Newman
3rd KJ Nakanelua
4th Michael Morris

We want to send a HUGE mahalos to all of the sponsors who helped make this possible.

The next and final event of the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series is THE SCORCHER which will be going down on Jan 17 alt. 18, 2015. 

More event details will be posted soon!