2014 - 2015 HawaiiWinterOutlawSeries Event 1 - The Big Island Bomb presented by Landyachtz.

The winter season is coming fast in Hawaii, cant you feel it with all this heat? Well despite the record breaking temperatures Hawaii is feeling, the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series is coming up quick! The first event is going to kick off on the Big Island. The event will be hosted in the Hilo ahupuaa, so when purchasing your tickets make sure to fly into Hilo for ease of access to the campsite and hills.

There is an abundance of activities to partake of in Hilo, including but not limited to jumping in the pristine and beautiful rivers, skating down long, fast, gnarly roads, and (hows this) seeing the lava flow from up close. If you were ever trying to plan a skate trip to the Big Island, this is the time to do it.
The race will take place on the Homestead just like the first year. Ive shortened the race course by a quarter of a mile perhaps. The road will be shut down so no traffic will bother us. As a secondary safety precaution Ill have spotters on the blind corners just in case. The course is on a single lane road with no painted lines. The top speed is around 50 mph through a fast dropping straight, but your average speed will be about 30-35 mph.

Fortunately, at the bottom of the race hill, there is a dope camping zone called Kole Kole Beach Park. This camp zone has a river with a rope swing flowing right through it. There is also a dope, slabby break at the mouth of the river if you want to surf. At Kole Kole there are pavilions to hide from the rain, outlets to charge your phones and cameras, a huge grass field to set up tents and bathrooms for all your basic needs. There is no fresh drinking water at this camp zone, so bring plenty water. I do recommended that you reserve a permit for this campsite, although weve camped here several times and never had a request to show the permit.
Honomu town is just minutes away from Kole Kole and has such commodities as a coffee shop, the bombest bakery with the best lilikoi butter, a zipline, Big Islands tallest waterfall, and a few other odd shops. There is no convenience store or anything like it in Honomu, the nearest is 10 minutes away in Pepeekeo, about 5 miles towards Hilo.

The race is going to kick off on Saturday, October 18th, be at the campsite no later than 8 a.m. If it happens to rain we will head back down to the campsite and try to wait it out. Depending on the intensity of the rain we will postpone until the following day, Sunday the 19th. If the police show up, I will take a vote and we will either go to Pohakea or Mauna Loa or attempt to run the heats the following day. Lord have mercy though, lets race the homestead without incident.

***** THERE WILL BE NO SKATING THE HILL THE DAY OF THE RACE UNTIL EVERYONE IS ON THE HILL AND IT IS SHUT DOWN****** We got booted by the police last year because there was a group on the hill early in the morning. After the event the hill is free game, the residents are lenient of us skating the hill but be respectful. Shakas all around, got it?

The registration fee will be $20 for the race, I will have straw bails on the critical corner and a large truck (perhaps a U-haul) to shuttle people up the hill. I will be pulling from the $20 entry fee to cover gas and straw bails.

If you have any questions about accommodations, hills, parks or anything else feel free to email me at mcouatbrian@gmail.com.

Please pre-register prior to the race by emailing mcouatbrian@gmail.com or stokedskaters@aol.com

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If your new to the course, check out some of these videos of the hill.


Brian Raw run homestead

Homestead safety meeting

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