2013 - 2014 HawaiiWinterOutlawSeries.

For those of you who don't know, WheelTurnerHawaii has been throwing the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series circuit on the Islands for quite some time now. When its cold, with bad weather everywhere else... get out to Hawaii for some true Hawaiian style underground racing. Just because we are outlaw dosent mean we don't get our fair share of Top pros in the game out to our events!

If you missed the last series or just want to remember the good times, click below to see the write ups, videos and photos from this past series.

Keep an eye out for an all new 
2014 - 2015 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series

- Mackenzie Yoshida

The sun was shining, vibes were good, stoke levels were high... its September and the Wheel Turners of Hawaii were geared up n' ready for the kick off of the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series! A little over 50 skaters got together on the North Shore of Oahu on Saturday, September 14th for the Hawaiian Ridge Rusher 3. The 1st of 6 events in the series. 

We all gathered at the beach to meet, greet and get signed up. Then the cars full of skaters paraded up the hill to the jam zone. Once getting parked we all HIKED into to road. The cool thing about this zone is its a heavenly slab of butter in the middle of the forrest... therefor cars have little to no access to the road. Pretty epic huh? Downside... its about a 2 mile hike to get to get in there and its nothing but hills. So your pretty beat just from the walk in! BUT, its soo worth it.
When we all got to the jam zone we went straight to warm up runs, no need for last minute clean up thanks to the early bird crew. There were up bright and early sweeping the course to ensure that it would be pristine.
Once riders got some runs under their belts and looked comfortable, we had our riders meeting, made the bracket for the day and got started.

The Ridge Rusher course is a fairly easy course. Just under 1 mile long, riders go through several dips, 2 quick uphill sections, and back to back sweeper turns. No drifting is needed, some of the top riders barley brake tuck for the whole course. Oh ya! We also have a limited push box at the start line to keep things fun. This usually makes for some tight, intense heats.

From the very first heat if round 1, this year was proving to be no different. Every 4 man heat was full of passes and held tight till they crossed the finish. With the road cleaner then we've ever had it, riders could take any line they needed to get that win. After everyone battled it out the top 2 from every heat moved on. Some series veterans moved on but there were also lots of new faces killing it!

Nikko getting dethroned!
Round 2 there were 8 heats of 4 riders, every heat was stacked. 

The heats rolled on smoothly and lots of the past years event finalist were knocked out already... including Nikko Kamanuwai who had won this event every year its happened! The King of the hill has been dethroned.

Now its the quarter finals of event 1, the top 16 skaters on the hill are focused and ready. 4 heats of 4. Riders from all areas of Oahu.
The heats were tight from the moment i said GO!
 All 4 skaters would sprint and jump on their boards at the end of the push box... from there it was a constant switch off. Throughout this course there are multiple prime spots to make clean passes and the skaters took advantage of every one of em.
Toa looking clean in his custom painted helmet by WheelTurnerHawaii.net

Rhys wins for nicest lid... ever.

Another round of NUTS racing flew by, leaving us with our top 8 riders of event 1.
Semi Final 1 was Ian Coronas, Kenny Bergstrom, Evan Twigg Smith and Rhys Morishima. And Semi Final 2 was KJ Nakanelua, Dante Alston, Josh Perry and Jordan Teets.

We gave the riders a few minute break, cleared the course and the consilation final was under way. 
The consi was tight as the shallow end of a pool! As the riders came around the final right bend, Dante and Kenny broke away for a drag race to the finish. Jordan and Rhys followed closely behind.

BOOM! Finals Time.
 "Racers ready, set.... GO!" i said and the racers were sprinting! KJ getting the front position out of the push box as the rolling 3 fell in line. Racers kept it close, Evan Twigg Smith managed to weave from 4th to 2nd in line through out the middle of the course. As they came around the last bend KJ's smile could be seen for miles! He knew he had locked down 1st Place.  Within seconds of KJ coming across the finish, the rest of the heat came by in a line. Everyone stoked on a good day of racing.
Following the event we gave riders a little freeride time since the stoke was still in the air. 
I went to clean up the tops bit and take a run down. This resulted in me crashing and breaking my clavicle, getting stitches and tearing all sorts of things... there goes my chance of racing H.W.O.S this year! Not the highlight of the day.

Once we all got off the hill, we headed down to the beach where we rewarded our top 8 riders with CASH MONEY to help them get to the next events. Then we passed out schwag to as many riders as we could.

Nothing but Smiles.
A GREAT kick off event to yet another Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series.
Thanks everyone for coming out!

Photos - WheelTurnerHawaii, Matt Hirata  
Landyachtz Presents
The Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series
Event 1- The Hawaiian Ridge Rusher 3

1st - KJ Nakanelua
2nd- Evan Twigg Smith
3rd- Josh Perry
4th- Ian Coronas
5th- Dante Alston
6th- Kenny Bergstrom
7th- Jordan Teets
8th- Rhys Morishima

All of the Hawaiians would like to send out a HUGE MAHALO to all of our supporters. Hawaii skateboarding is staying strong thanks to you!



See everyone at event 2 over on the Big Island on October 12th and 13th.

Rain or shine, sun or snow, waves or asphalt, it doesn’t matter what you are looking for, the Big Island has it all. With the entire island being one giant mountain, there are bound to be huge hills wherever the eye can see. And on one of these very hills was held the Hawai’i Winter Outlaw Series event 2.
                  The weather was perfect. The sun was shining and there was no rain to be had. The road was crispy dry and buttery smooth. Early in the morning the guys were on the hill taking practice runs. Due to inexperience as an event organizer, Brian hadn’t forbidden practice runs the day of the race. Everyone else was lined up at the dope camp zone, Kole Kole, to hear the rules and find out their heats. As Brian explained the rules and drew the heats everyone knew this day was going to be crazy! The heats were stacked; with some of the fastest guys from each island racing each other.
                  With the brackets drawn, the rules laid out and everything set, it was time to head up the hill and get the party started. But alas, as the final cars were leaving the campsite to the race hill, the cops rolled up because someone called about some skaters. BLOWN!!!  The cops were cruise and didn’t cause any trouble, but the racers had to find another hill to race on, or postpone till the following day. With the rider consensus being that we postpone til the following day, it was a day of free skating for the entire group. With so many runs within driving distance it was going to be a great day after all. But a surprise was in store for everyone.
                  Just about 30 minutes away from the Homestead, there was an untouched gem with 40-50 mph speeds and tight corners. As the group rolled up the hill, tensions were high. This road was gnarly. After one practice run down the course everyone agreed this would be the hill for the race. With people set up on corners and some very helpful volunteers holding down the one lane bridge that the race ended on, the last practice run was under way. After the practice runs there was a small racers meeting where new rules were laid out. Crossing the double yellow line meant disqualification. If the spotters saw a car coming for the one lane bridge they would signal the riders to shut down, at this point we would rerun the heat if the riders were very close, but if there was enough distance the lead racer would be the winner. Brian gave everyone a chance to withdraw from the race since the hill was changed, but every racer stood their ground. It was on!
                  Back on the top of the hill the racers were getting amped. After the practice runs, everyone knew this course was fast and gnarly. Everyone had their game face on for there was only one chance to move on in this single elimination race. With the first round of heats under way the brackets were emptying quick. After the first round of heats were the quarter-finals. Many great racers had been eliminated in the first heat, but this left only tried and true veterans of the course.
                  Through the quarter-finals the pack of racers was getting smaller. In the Semi-finals we had 6 remaining riders, the victors of these heats would move on to the finals and the defeated would be left to race for consolation prizes. In the semi-finals the heats were: Dakota vs. Kaimana, Mike vs. Nick, and Dusty vs. Brody. Every racer in these heats had been putting on a show in their other heats, but pit them against one another and this was going to be a showdown.
                  The semi-finals were on and they were intense! Each racer was giving his all, passing in critical sections or waiting for the last 100 yard dash, these guys had their strategy planned. And it paid off, moving into the finals were: the Man from Maui Dakota, the crazy Hawaiian Dusty, and the Oahu O.G. Nick. Crazy thing about the finals heat was that there was one representative from each island. In the consi race were: Mike, Brody, and Kaimana.
                  Since there were 3 racers in the finals and the consi’s, we had no choice but to hold 3 man heats. Each rider had to be at the top of their game to come out on top of these heats. The course was gnarly enough with 2 man heats, but these guys just weren’t any racers, they were finalists. And they proved their merit. The finals were off, Dakota pushing into first with Nick close behind and Dusty trailing. This heat was off to a great start. Through a few turns Dusty was battling with Nick for the pass while Dakota held his lead. Dusty found the line and got past Nick and was barreling down on Dakota, but Dakota wasn’t having it, hanging onto the lead Dakota came flying through the last few corners with a sizeable lead. Nick was trying to get back out front but there just wasn’t enough distance left to catch Dusty and make the pass. So the epic battle for podium spot ended with Dakota being 1st, Dusty earning 2nd, and Nick taking 3rd. This was one heat you had to watch to understand the intenseness. In the consi heat it was Kaimana in 4th, Mike in 5th, and Brody in 6th.
What a day of racing! It was time though, to hand out the great prizes that our generous sponsors hooked us up with. But at the finish line there just wasn’t enough room, so we decided to head back down the hill to a large grass field close by. Since it was downhill and the road was nice, all the riders decided it was time to skate down. Down everyone went pack running it to the bottom, and just in time. There were the police for round 2! But again they didn’t want to cause trouble, and when they found out that we were finished, they went their merry way.

                  The award ceremony was epic with 1st through 6th receiving a good deal of schwag and cash, with 1st place receiving an additional 100 dollars from Landyachtz. But not only did the racers get prizes but also our very valuable volunteers were given some free schwag as well. This race could not have happened without the work of these wonderful individuals!
                  The riders and organizers would like to give thanks to all of our generous sponsors and wonderful volunteers! Mahalo nui! Be sure to make it out to HawaiiWinterOutlawSeries event 3 THE SCORCHER INVITATIONAL.

Write up by Brian McOuat - Big Island DH skateboard ambassador
Photos by Niko Shimozaki and Jeffery Khau

Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series event 2
The Landyzchtz Big Island Flow Fest

 1st Dakota Camp
2nd Dusty Owens
3rd Nick Shimozaki
4th Kaimana Pinto
5th Mike Broan
6th Brody Santiago

*** Full event video coming soon***

It's a humid, voggy Saturday morning on the island of Oahu, Hawaii and the butterflies sure are flying around in some tummies this morning.
 It's that time of the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series for riders to battle it out on The Scorcher for the 4th year! 
If you skate hills in Hawaii and follow the race scene at all you know that this course is one of the gnarliest to be raced in Hawaii. It consists of 3 back to back hairpins ( 4 in the past ) linked with STEEP straights. If that doesn't sound too bad, theres cracks, deep potholes and live grass growing in the road to add some fun. If you don't let that get to your head, the road is pretty much made for shredding!
Riders hailing from Oahu, Maui and Canada gathered first thing in the morning at a beautiful Hawaiian garden near the race course. We got everyone who had the sacks to enter signed up, made the 1vs1 race bracket, then headed to the hill to get Scorched!

This year we had our LEAST amount of entry's, but tons of riders around. 
Some took a run and decided they were over it,  some got scorched in the couple of practice runs, and others just wanted nothing to do with the hill.
BUT, the 16 riders we had were ready to go for the gold.

Once riders felt comfortable- ish on the hill, we got corner marshals set, cleared the course and the first round of 8, 1 vs 1 heats were underway. 
At The Scorcher, riders are allowed to choose their own start methods... and we saw them all. One push, unlimited, throw down, even no push. Just do whatever you can to be leading into corner 2, " The Landyachtz righty", which is the fastest corner of the course.
Round 1 rolled along smoothly. The 8 heats went up the hill and came down when they were ready. Skaters must have just wanted to get it out of the way because the round was finished within minutes! Every one of these heats looked like they could have been a final round in the past events. Riders were close through out the whole course and there were barley any crashes!  
After round 1 was complete, riders got refueled and headed back up the hill for the quarter finals. The Canadians were out, but a good about of both Oahu and Maui rippers were still in. 

The quarters were Kaimana P. vs Dante A., John V. vs Dakota C., Tommy "Cookie" M. vs Nick S. and KJ N. vs Ian C.
...Some of Hawaii's best in my opinion.

First up, Kaimana and Dante. 
Kaimana got out in front, kept his line solid with last years winner Dante sniffing his tail... but he didn't let him by. Kaimana Takes the win. 
Next the all Maui heat, John V vs. event 2 champ, Dakota Camp. 
John took the aggressive start and got in front through the first corner, Dakota following closely behind. As they approach the Landyachtz righty they are flying, both riders drift fairly late. John starts to slide out and ends up taking a crash. Dakota is right there to make the swoop and keeps the lead into the last corner. 
Now Cookie vs. Nick. 
These guys both wanted it bad. Cookie got into the lead at the start, but not by much. As the riders come into The Landyachtz Righty, Nick links a perfect line for a clean pass in the corner. Cookie isn't far behind as they go into the last left. Mid corner he decides to try to repass, and ends up bumping Nick causing them to both crash. Cookies board headed down the hill causing him to run across the finish. Nick jumped back on board and was the first person to cross the line on board... so he takes the win!
Last in the quarters was KJ and Ian. 
KJ had a real quick throw down start getting him into the lead in the first corner. As they approached The Landyachtz Righty KJ drifted a second earlier then Ian causing him to catch up quick and drift into the back of his board making both riders fall. But KJ was quick to get back on board and got down the hill in front.
Now we are down to the Semi Finals, the final 4 riders. No matter how they do they get to skate 2 more runs on the hill... either in the Finals or the Consi's. 

Up first is Nick and KJ.
Off the start KJ's speedy throw down gets him in front once again into the first left with Nick closely behind. Coming down the straight into the Landy righty they both held their tucks straight into their drifts, Toeside for both riders. Nick links up from his drift early and pins for the inside line as soon as KJ is standing up. The magical nebulas powers must have came into play ( or he herd Nick coming) and KJ decided to throw a standup drift to tighten his line. This totally blocked out Nick's attempt to pass and made em slide out... KJ riding away clean for the win.
Now it's Dakota vs. Kaimana.
The start was a push vs throw down... Kaimana's throw down gets in front. Both riders pull clean drifts but Dakota links a little earlier getting him speed to pass in the Landy righty. BUT, Kaimana dosent let him slip away. In the final corner Kaimana pins the inside line while Dakota minority slides out.... but it was just enough for the pass. Kaimana moves onto the final.
Consi's  time.
Dakota Camp and Nick Shimozaki.
The riders start with a one push start, Dakota leading into the first left. Full tuck down the steep straight. Both regular footers pull clean drifts in the fast right, with no passes made. As they come into the last left, Nick is close... but not close enough for a pass. 
Dakota takes home 3rd place and Nick 4th.
Highschool buddies, KJ Nakanelua and Kaimana Pinto. These two learned how to skate down hills together! I feel like every once in a while there are duo's in DH that REALLY vibe off each other... and this is one of them. 
Ready, set... go! Both riders run for the throw down... but KJ proved that his is unbeatable and he stomps onto his board for a clean line in front of Kaimana in the first left. As they speed down the steep straight, KJ holds his tuck but Kaimana's right there carving to not catch him too quickly. Approaching the drift all we can hear is KJ SCREAMING in stoke and a bit of fear.
They both pull clean drifts into the Landy righty. KJ backside, Kaimana frontside. 
On the exit KJ seemed to loose a tiny bit of grip allowing Kaimana to pull up right where he wanted to be. The crowd was running after the racers down the hill to watch the last corner... but its a good thing they did. 
Kaimana jumps onto the smooth patch of pavement on the inside of the last left while KJ gets stuck on the normal rough section and he SLINGSHOTS by. 
Kaimana Pinto keeps the lead to the finish and is the new SCORCHER CHAMP.
KJ Nakanelua in 2nd.
The Scorcher 4 is complete!

The crew of riders return to the garden following the race for a awards ceremony.
The top 4 shredders were awarded with Ca$h and a ton of schwag. BUT, we still had a ton of prizes... so we passed out goods to every racer who had the guts to enter. 
Thats a great way to stoke out the crew after a good day of skating!
We want to give a HUGE MAHALO to the supporters who helped us make this event possible!

Event 4 of the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series is the Maui Challenge on December 21 & 22... 
Get Hyped!

Event 3- The Scorcher 4.

1st - Kaimana Pinto
2nd- KJ Nakanelua
3rd- Dakota Camp
4th- Nick Shimozaki

Full halfway points ranking's will be up soon so be sure to check back!

Video- Kaimana Pinto

Video- Jordan Teets

All photos - WheelTurnerHawaii.net

Write Up by WheelTurnerHawaii Ambassador Kaimana Pinto.
All Photos Jucker Hawaii

There was no shortage of action on Maui this year around the time of the 4th annual Maui Challenge. This year 3 cars full of the homies from Oahu, 1 van squeezing 8 big island boys, and a few randoms were lurking the zones and feeling the vibes all over the island. Surf was pumping all week, sun was shining, and sessions were going off.

The event started at 11 am as a no-entry-fee jam style contest with our boy Kili Brown from KAVA ROOTS inc. to judge alongside event organizers Brody Sanitago and Kaimana Pinto. Prizes were to be awarded to top 4 over-all styolists, and enough knick-knacks, stickers, and shirts to pass out to every grom. There were also 5 sub-categories, one of which was a CREW SHOWDOWN where you would take a run with your crew and were scored collectively on flow, how tight they were, and how clean the lines were. The categories prized a set of Divine wheels as well as a Paris skate tool, as well as a board from Landyatchz Longboards.  The Crew showdown was awarded with a new wardrobe courtesy of 50th State of Mind. The boys were givin’ um for the jam, we seen it all from patchy 540 slides (on RAD Advantages, btw) to airs OVER the inside of the corner to switch speed runs.  It was a super difficult event to judge, but we decided on the results as followed.

1st Kj Nakanelua 
2nd Dakota Camp
3rd Jonathan Valenzuela
4th Brandon Lodge (Troll)

5 categories
Longest slide: regular: Zach Newman    goofy: Brian Mcquat
Most humble: Toa Nanpei
Best trick: Dusty Owens (Aired the corner)
Crew Showdown: Big Island
Fastest line: Cookie
The race was scheduled to take place at the same location as the jam, but unfortunately the rain came down hard and was unbearable to spectators, so we moved the race down the mountain a few miles to find some sunshine. The race was formatted 1v1 and the riders were forced to on-sight their first heat down a run that most people had never even seen before. The circumstances filtered out all the riders whom haven’t had their olo’s quite drop yet, and we were left with 16 core riders to run heats with.  Heats were close all day and we ended up with the Maui Skatehouse team against Matt Kienzle for the top 4 in a 4 man heat. View the video of the finals herehttp://www.skatehousemedia.com/12/26/2013/finals-the-maui-challenge 

Results were as follows
1 Matt Kienzle
2 Dakota Camp
3 Kaimana Pinto
4 Zach Newman
5 - 8 Evan Twigg Smith
Shaye Thorup
Toa Nanpei

Matt was stoked to walk away with his first place package from Kava Roots as well as a few racks of coconuts courtesy of Kaimana, Kj, and Dusty.  The rest of the Podium received gear from Landyachtz, Blackdog Longboards, Bear trucks, Caliber trucks, Paris Trucks, Divine Wheels, Nersh wheels, Hawgs wheels, and 50th State of Mind Clothing. 


WheelTurners woke up early, checked to see if the rain from the night before was lingering... and once they saw sun they rushed to make the journey to the North Shore for event 5 of the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series. 
When everyone showed up, we got geared up and started the skate in on the closed road towards the hill. Upon arrival we saw that some of the shadows were still a little patchy from the rain the night before. But with sign ups and bracket making it gave it some time to start drying. 
No one wanted to race this course in the wet thats for sure. The He'eholua course is just under a mile along with several big sweepers topping you out at just under 50mph, and its the most slick road I've ever rode in the rain... so riders chose to give it a little extra time to ensure that it was dry.
Once the road was ridable, the course was set up and riders went for their practice run. Some came back up STOKED, others terrified. 
All riders were now at the start line, waiting in their heats and BOOM. Rain. What the heck! Sunny to cloudy in minutes... the perks of living in Hawaii.
So we took some time to try figuring out what everyone wanted to do now... Race another course or wait out the rain. The decision was made to meet up again at 4pm and hope for no rain.

We all headed back down the hill and into Haleiwa town for lunch and to chill for a bit then we headed back to the hill. 
When getting back to the course we were stoked to see dry roads... so we rushed in to get things started as quick as possible.With the change in the schedule we lost several racers, so we cut the entry fee in half and still went for the heats. 
First round was already the quarter finals.
Everyone was getting a little antsy to race already, so we got in place for the heats to start as quick as possible.
Round one is on the line.
Ready, Set ... GO. 
As soon as the first heat begins to kick into the hill, the rain starts to come again. I expected to get the call on the walkie talkies that the rest of the heats were off... but instead they started sending the heats down even quicker!
This round was hectic! The road got instantly slick taking out several riders within their first heat. TOO NUTS.
Once all the heats were complete we headed back up the hill to check on all the riders and to see what was going to happen next. 
As we were hanging out talking about what to do, the rain stopped again for a little bit. All the riders who made it down the hill successfully in the first round ran back up the hill and decided to make this round an automatic final.

It was KJ Nakanelua, Kaimana Pinto, Dante Alston and Kona Cleaver-Purdy.
The finals were on and they all kicked into the hill with no fear, riding in a tight pack. As they start to approach the infamous Death Crack at the fastest part of the hill, Dante and Kona start to go wide to work their war around KJ and Kaimana. 
BAM!!! As the move is being made Dantes board decided to squiggle in the wet, ejecting him off his board in front of Kona... Kona also goes down avoiding the fall. 
From there on it was Kaimana chasing KJ who was in full tuck from start to finish. 
KJ takes the win! Proving once again to not be afraid of any conditions.

What an intense race! 
Following the finals we headed down the hill for the awards and to patch up all the cuts.

Every rider who skated the event was STOKED to go home with a prize thanks to our sponsors. First place also taking home a bit of cash with the schwag!

Mahalo's everyone for coming out and surviving the gnar, get hyped for the 6th and final HWOS event coming up in Feb... FOSAL 6!

WheelTurnerHawaii.net x Landyachtz Presents
Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series Event 5
The He'eholua Splash Cup
1st KJ Nakanelua
2nd Kaimana Pinto
3rd/4th Dante Alston, Kona Cleaver- Purdy

Mahalos to all of the supporters who could make this event possible. 
Get hyped for the 6th and final event...

The Festival of Sugar and Love 6!

- Writeup and Photos by Mackenzie Yoshida

The Festival of Sugar and Love 6
BOOM! The Festival of Sugar and Love is back for its 6th year in a row and it was a banger event to close out the Landyachtz 2013 – 2014 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series! Crews from Oahu, Big Island, Maui, California, Portland, Vancouver and more gathered to sugar some wheels n get steezy for a day long Skateboarding festival.
The Wheel Turners from all over met up amped to jam on a Saturday morning up at Oahu’s infamous S Turn. This has been the arena for the F.O.S.A.L steeze fest for the past 5 years and we could never get tired of it. A STEEP back to back left to right that drops a couple stories within the corner with endless possibilities to take different lines.
The only this messing with people this year with the slight drizzle that would hit the mountain every once and a while blessing us with a few damp spots.

Nonetheless, EVERYONE tore the hill apart!
We got everyone signed up as soon as we got to the hill… just about 40 riders!
Once everyone was registered we got the practice runs started and gave the hill some time to dry off.
After about 30 minutes everyone looked warmed up n’ ready to go. Plus the hills starting to look pristine, so we got underway with round 1.

This first round is a 45 minute open Jam style session. Riders are allowed to take as many or as little runs as they want within that time… They just need to make sure they make an impression on the secretly selected judges.  After this round is complete, we will be cutting the riders pool in half. The top 20 ish riders will move onto the next round.

What’s the judging criteria for the Festival you may ask?
We want to see anything and everything!
Speed, clean lines, creativity, tricks, dirt lines, close riding… anything to get the crowd hyped.

Round 1 is started and from the first run we are seeing skating that matches the finalist in last years event! Not only were experienced F.O.S.A.L veterans floating through the corners, but also tons of the grom series rookies were giving them a run for their money.
Oh ya! The Caliber team also blew some minds in this 45 min jam… Carmen Sutra bomb dropped off of the inside wall of the s turn, a line I’ve personally been thinking of for years! Nick Ronzani was flinging SICK blunts and classy colemans, Brandon Tissen was flying fast, Alicia Fillback was showing the boys how to skate switch, Big Dave was giving style lessons and Tyler Howell was DESTROYING the turn like never before was his fast raw style.
As we were coming to the end of round all riders are making sure to unleash the bangers… and damn did this make it hard for us judges.
But once the shredding took a pause, we met, contemplated and made our list of the riders who stood out in round 1.
I thought 20 riders moving on would be easy to choose but it was surprisingly hard when every skater was doing something notable throughout the hill!

We made the announcement of which skaters will be moving on, then got blessed with a little more drizzles. SO, we took a breather and threw some grindz on grill… had a little BBQ and mid event prize giveaway thanks to Miur Skate.
After our little intermission, the sun decided to pop it’s head back out for round 2.
We still have a good portion of the visiting Caliber crew in it, a few Maui Killahz and some of Oahu’s top riders. From here to the finals its gonna be intense.

This round we will be only 30 minutes, cutting the riders pool from just under 20 riders, to the top 6 … so everyone was ready to make it count!

The riders headed back up the hill, the crowd was amped and judges were ready.
Round 2 is ON!
Some of the Maui crew along with a couple of Oahu F.O.S.A.L vet’s decided to take their first run from the tip to get some extra speed and start with a bang! Others started at the normal zone but filled their runs with tricks and spins, I love seeing the huge mix of styles being displayed on the same turn. Every skater here is approaching it differently.
Did I mention it’s also RAD to still have 2 girls going HARD this round. That’s a F.O.S.A.L first!
After 3o minutes of sugar, style, speed and air we ended round 2.
The judges met to compare scores and we have decided who will move on to the next round.

Though we were planning on a top 6, every judge had a tie between 2 riders… so we sent 7 riders to the Semi Final round.

Going into the Semi’s is Evan Twigg- Smith, Dakota Camp, KJ Nakanelua, Carmen Sutra, Nick Ronzani, Tyler Howell and Kaimana Pinto.

This round is going to go a little different then the last few, instead of an open Jam sesh… riders will only get 3 runs each to nail everything they want the crowd and judges to see.
Through the riders runs there were still no two styles that were similar.
Dakota, Evan and Kaimana were choosing to bomb in from the top and go big. For them going fast and keeping a perfect line was key. Carmen busted out more bomb drops, and clean slides both regular n switch like it was no problem. Nick represented Nor Cal coming through the corner with smooth Colemans along with a few blunts. Tyler blasted through the corner spinning fast, busting switch and regular slides… straight assaulting the S. While KJ mixed both big slides with some techy slides n spins.

All riders stoking out the crowd every run they took!
After each rider took their 3 runs, the judges added up their scores and we now have our Festival of Sugar and Love 6 FINALIST.

The 4 riders moving onto the FINAL BATTLE are
KJ Nakanelua ( Oahu )
Kaimana Pinto ( Oahu/Maui )
Dakota Camp ( Maui )
Evan Twigg-Smith ( Oahu )

To make things even more tense and interesting… KJ, Kaimana and Dakots have been battling it out since event 4 for the overall Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series title… and now IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS FINAL.

All 4 riders are exhausted from this slidathon, but they work their way back up the hill for their last 2 runs of the season.
Everything’s riding on these runs.

Kaimana, Dakota and Evan follow the method they’ve been going with and walked to the tip top to get every bit of speed they could.
As they worked their way to the top KJ decided to take one run as tech as he could. He spun his way down the beginning of the left then blasted a couple blunts in the first corner, followed by a big toeside blunt in the second corner.
The remaining 3 riders came down shortly after, all coming in FULL TUCK… not putting down a hand once the whole hill keeping the perfect line they wanted.
For the next run all 4 riders were at the top coming in full speed.
KJ with a huge frontside standie to a CLEAN backside, all while barley loosing speed.
Next Evan came down flying fast into a STYLE blasted Backside slide standing tall through the left, then glided smoothly through the right.
Kaimana came in with some HEAT for his last run and pulled probably the biggest, fastest backside we saw all F.O.S.A.L followed with a fast grippy line through the right.
Last up was Dakota.
He came maching into the first left and drug out a LOOONNNNGGG frontside, popping a CLEAN shuvit. Rolls out flawlessly and with speed, then blasts yet another clean backside and finishes that off with a shuvit as well. All while staying rolling quick.

What a last run to the season.

Following the finals we did a few more fun games for more prize giveaways while the judges added up their scores.
We had so much schwag we made sure everyone went home with some goods… but not without working for it first!

When we got the results for both The Festival of Sugar and Love as well as the overall series points we pulled out the GOODS for the winners.
Decks, both cast AND precision trucks, wheels of all sorts, bearings, helmets, shirts, hats, footstops, sunglasses, CA$H… ALL KINE!
Time to announce the results…

First up is F.O.S.A.L 6

The points were CLOSE as can be but there can only be one Festival King.

Coming in 4th is Evan Twigg-Smith, 3rd was Kaimana Pinto, in 2nd loosing by 1 point was KJ Nakanelua and taking home the Festival crown was Dakota Camp. 
The next announced results are the points for the Overall Series Title.

Holding it down through the whole season, destroying all terrains… is your new Hawaiian Champion Dakota Camp.
Giving Dakota a run for his money coming in a close 2nd was KJ Nakanelua.
Followed by Kaimana Pinto in 3rd, Toa Nanpei in 4th, Jeffery Khau in 5th and Evan Twigg-Smith in 6th.

The Landyachtz 2013 – 2014 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series is complete and once again a HUGE SUCCESS. We couldn’t do any of this without our epic crew of Hawaiian wheel turners and ALL OF THE SUPPORTERS we had through out the season.

6 more events of the series checked off! I hope everyone enjoyed every single one of them.
We are spreading the love and good vibes of skateboarding around Hawaii more then ever.

Keep an eye on WheelTurnerHawaii.net for information later in the year about the
2014 – 2015 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series.

Video by Evan Higa

The Festival of Sugar and Love 6 was a BANGER to wrap up the 2013 - 2014 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series. We had a full day of jamming with the top locals along with some of the best in the world! The Caliber Truck Crew and Nick Breton from Landyachtz both came out to take in some beautiful scenery and shed some sugar on the pavement.

It was a tight battle all the way down to the F.O.S.A.L finals to get a series winner and Dakota Camp from Maui held it down all day, taking both a Festival win along with the overall series win.

All hail the new Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series Champion!

Keep checking back for a F.O.S.A.L media along with the full points rankings.
Champion Dakota Camp floating with speed and style.

The Festival of Sugar and Love 6

1st- Dakota Camp
2nd- KJ Nakanelua
3rd- Kaimana Pinto
4th- Evan Twigg Smith

2013 - 2014 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series Overall 

Dakota Camp                                185                165                   170+75        149              185               929
KJ Nakanelua          185                                        170                  175              185               170               885
Kaimana Pinto                              160               185                      165             170               165               845
Toa Nanpei              127                                  130                       148               149               127               681
Jeffery Khau            127             127              130                      124               149                                       657
EvanTwiggSmith  170                                                                 148                 149             160               627

2010 - 2011 Series Champion- Mackenzie Yoshida
2011 - 2012 Series Champion - Mackenzie Yoshida
2012 - 2013 Series Champion - Nikko Kamanuwai
2013 - 2014 Series Champion - Dakota Camp

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