The Oldschool Sidewalk Showdown

The Oldschool Sidewalk Showdown. 
When: Saturday, June 14. Noon.
Where: Mililani Ravine. 
Entry: $5.
Requirements: Helmet is a must. All boards must not exceed 30 inches nose to tail. Trucks must be traditional (Indy style) cast trucks. 

This event will be an Old School Sidewalk Surfing Challenge. All boards need to be under 30 inches from nose to tail completed with traditional CAST indy style trucks. There are no restrictions on wheels.
You will also be required to draw two lines on your board a foot apart and a portion of each foot must be in the box at all times.
 No Exceptions.

The qualifying round for this event will be a solo time trial. You skate alone and pin the course as good as you can. Once we get our top 8 times it will be a head to head battle to the finish. 
Winner take all!

See everyone on June 14 with your old school sidewalk surfing setups!

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