HawaiiWinterOutlawSeries Event 6 - The Festival of Sugar and Love 6

Can you believe it's the last event of the 2013 - 2014 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series already?! 
And can you believe its the 6th year of the Festival of Sugar and Love?!
We couldn't ask for a better event to finish off the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series. The 6th annual Festival of Sugar and Love will be ALL TIME.
On Saturday Feb 15 @noon, going down at the same spot as always we will be having an all day Sugar n Schwag fest! F.O.S.A.L is out only slide jam in the series and we are going to make sure its the most fun sugaring wheels you could possibly have. The format for this event? JAM, BE STEEZY... HAVE FUN! 
We may make a few cuts through out the day and work our way down to our final two jammahz ... but not to worry, there will be tons of ways to win schwag. Ya don't always have to win!

To add to the fun of the jam we will also have SPECIAL GUESTS from the Caliber Truck Co skate team turning some wheels with us.

This year we will be mixing both of the formats we ran in the past. We will NOT be having a night time camping SKATE event this year. As fun as it is, we don't like the 18- (permit complications) crowd getting left out of part of the festivities. 

BUT for those who still want to camp and jam into the night... camping permits are available to the public. Several of us will be reserving permits n' skating and camping under the stars, so feel free to join us. 
If you would like any info on how to make a permit reservation email stokedskaters@aol.com

Not only will we have a full day of sugar and a new F.O.S.A.L king... we will also be crowing the 2013 - 2014 HAWAII WINTER OUTLAW SERIES CHAMPION before sundown on Saturday.
You won't want to miss it!
Like ALL Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series events this is NOT a race. It is just a place to gather with friends and have fun! Helmets and Gloves are REQUIRED. Full pads are greatly recommended. We are sorry but this is a skaters only event, please don't bring any spectators. With the number of skaters we will have we will be filling up the area quite a bit as is. Sorry! 

There will not be a cutoff for registration for this event... but we ask that you PLEASE EMAIL YOUR NAME AND AGE to stokedskaters@aol.com if you plan to come. Just so we know how much food we will have to BBQ. 


Name of activity or event – 2013 – 2014 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series Event 6
Date of activity or event – February 15, 2014
I _____________ hereby waive The Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series, its officers, employees and sponsors from any liability of injury, loss or damage to personal property associated with activities participated in this event. I understand that this is NOT a legal event, and skating is done at the rider’s own risk. I acknowledge that I understand the content of this document. I am aware that it is legally binding and I sign it out of my own free will.
Participant Name ______________ Participant Age ___
Participant signature ___________   Date ________

For participants under 18 years
Participant Name ____________________
Participant Age __________________
Parent/Guardian Name ________________
Parent/Guardian signature _____________Date _______________

We will see everyone at The Festival of Sugar and Love 6!

The Festival of Sugar and Love 6.
Feb 15.   * Optional camping till the 16th.*
1100am Sign Up
12 NOON Start.
$15 to Jam. 
$$$ will go towards the BBQ and hydration throughout the day.

Mahalos to all the supporters who made this event and the series possible!

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