HawaiiWinterOutlawSeries Event 5. Landyachtz presents The He'eholua Speed Cup.

Aloha Wheel Turners!
It's a new year, and January marks the 5th event of the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series... time sure is flying. So far this years series has been nothing but successful once again!

The Papaholua Speed Cup will be on Oahu, Jan 11. and is gonna be one to remember. Like the ancient people of our Aina used to do, we will be flowing the hills at high speeds (40mph ish) to pay respect to the mountain. Unlike the last couple of years, this will not be a boarder cross type event... but more of a full tuck kinda deal. So bring the gear needed to do so.

It will be $20 to Jam. All cash will go into refreshments and to some of the top Jammers. Like all H.W.O.S events, Leathers are recommended... Fullface Helmets and Gloves are REQUIRED. 

To keep things quick, safe and efficient we will be capping this event at 32 riders. 
If you'd like to come jam just send over an email with your Name, Age and Phone # to StokedSkaters@aol.com.

When you send your email you will get a confirmation email with all the details on time, location, ect. 

Hope to see everyone on the 11th, be sure to get them emails in!

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