HawaiiWinterOutlawSeries Event 4- The Maui Challenge 4. Write Up, Photos and Video.

Write Up by WheelTurnerHawaii Ambassador Kaimana Pinto.
All Photos Jucker Hawaii

There was no shortage of action on Maui this year around the time of the 4th annual Maui Challenge. This year 3 cars full of the homies from Oahu, 1 van squeezing 8 big island boys, and a few randoms were lurking the zones and feeling the vibes all over the island. Surf was pumping all week, sun was shining, and sessions were going off.

The event started at 11 am as a no-entry-fee jam style contest with our boy Kili Brown from KAVA ROOTS inc. to judge alongside event organizers Brody Sanitago and Kaimana Pinto. Prizes were to be awarded to top 4 over-all styolists, and enough knick-knacks, stickers, and shirts to pass out to every grom. There were also 5 sub-categories, one of which was a CREW SHOWDOWN where you would take a run with your crew and were scored collectively on flow, how tight they were, and how clean the lines were. The categories prized a set of Divine wheels as well as a Paris skate tool, as well as a board from Landyatchz Longboards.  The Crew showdown was awarded with a new wardrobe courtesy of 50th State of Mind. The boys were givin’ um for the jam, we seen it all from patchy 540 slides (on RAD Advantages, btw) to airs OVER the inside of the corner to switch speed runs.  It was a super difficult event to judge, but we decided on the results as followed.

1st Kj Nakanelua 
2nd Dakota Camp
3rd Jonathan Valenzuela
4th Brandon Lodge (Troll)

5 categories
Longest slide: regular: Zach Newman    goofy: Brian Mcquat
Most humble: Toa Nanpei
Best trick: Dusty Owens (Aired the corner)
Crew Showdown: Big Island
Fastest line: Cookie
The race was scheduled to take place at the same location as the jam, but unfortunately the rain came down hard and was unbearable to spectators, so we moved the race down the mountain a few miles to find some sunshine. The race was formatted 1v1 and the riders were forced to on-sight their first heat down a run that most people had never even seen before. The circumstances filtered out all the riders whom haven’t had their olo’s quite drop yet, and we were left with 16 core riders to run heats with.  Heats were close all day and we ended up with the Maui Skatehouse team against Matt Kienzle for the top 4 in a 4 man heat. View the video of the finals herehttp://www.skatehousemedia.com/12/26/2013/finals-the-maui-challenge 

Results were as follows
1 Matt Kienzle
2 Dakota Camp
3 Kaimana Pinto
4 Zach Newman
5 - 8 Evan Twigg Smith
Shaye Thorup
Toa Nanpei

Matt was stoked to walk away with his first place package from Kava Roots as well as a few racks of coconuts courtesy of Kaimana, Kj, and Dusty.  The rest of the Podium received gear from Landyachtz, Blackdog Longboards, Bear trucks, Caliber trucks, Paris Trucks, Divine Wheels, Nersh wheels, Hawgs wheels, and 50th State of Mind Clothing. 



  1. The event started at 11 am as a no-entry-fee jam style contest with our boy Kili Brown from KAVA ROOTS inc. to judge alongside event organizers uber select alternative maui

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