HawaiiWinterOutlawSeries Event 3- Landyachtz presents The Scorcher 4.

The months are flying by and it's November... time for event 3 go the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series. THE SCORCHER 4 INVITATIONAL! Proving in the past to be the gnarliest event in Hawaii, this years guaranteed to be a good one! 

The Scorcher is a steep, quick course that takes you through 3 back to back hairpins connected with STEEP straights. To top it off, the road has some nice character... its missing some chunks, has W concave at sections, if you find a section without a crack it'd be amazing, oh and it even has grass growing through it at sections. FUN right?

It really is!

It will go down the same as always. THIS EVENT IS AN INVITE ONLY EVENT. As much as we'd love to session with everyone, we need to keep the noise and people level down. Plus The Scorcher isn't the friendliest of roads and we are doing our best to ensure safety for all riders. The top finishing riders from event 1 and 2 are an automatic invite, we will hand select the rest of the riders. If you are unsure if you are invited or wish to enquire about jamming, feel free to email StokedSkaters@aol.com
*** Open invite for Non Oahu riders***

There will be a $15 entry fee to jam. 
Leathers are strongly suggested.

REMEMBER, like all H.W.O.S events... this is a jam to get together and turn wheels with friends. THIS IS NOT A RACE. 

See you guys at THE SCORCHER!

HWOS event 1
1st - KJ Nakanelua
2nd- Evan Twigg Smith
3rd- Josh Perry
4th- Ian Coronas
5th- Dante Alston
6th- Kenny Bergstrom
7th- Jordan Teets
8th- Rhys Morishima

Hwos event 2

 1st Dakota Camp
2nd Dusty Owens
3rd Nick Shimozaki
4th Kaimana Pinto
5th Mike Broan
6th Brody Santiago

MAHALO to al of our supporters. This could never happen without ya!


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