HawaiiWinterOutlawSeriesEvent1- TheHawaiianRidgeRusher. CJ KANG Remix Write up & MackDizz Video.

Video-  Mackenzie Yoshida.WheelTurnerHawaii.net

Whattup its CJ kang pon di mic doing a writeup for the Ridge rushah race we had this past weekend, and shit was nuts to say the least.

We all met up at 10a.m sharp (a.k.a 1030 for the townies) at the beach right across of the food land at Pupukea.

This year’s ridge rusher had chooooke grommets, I Was stoked! Gurantee first heat for all the people whove been in it for awhile (haha), had the Kailua gromlins, the Kaneohe krew, hamma dolo rippah shredah Kyle Smith, the tantalus goons rollin with their chaperone nigga noil, the makakilo krew rollin with unko cuzin braddah  Nikko, the millville gromites, myself and the rest of the townies (of course promptly showing up late, as is tradition), the wahines of the skater, and even a couple photographers taking some epic pictures.

When it got to around 1045 ish we all made our way up the hill and it was on! People started taking their practice runs, getting nuts, throwin up their very necessary  steeze hands and whatnot. Did I mention shit was getting nuts? Out of the 47 practice runs I took on my way back up from one, SHIT WENT DOWNNNN.  A heat came down the second dipper when one kid somehow managed to go too far left and rubbed wheels with the wall in the narrow section right after the second dipper(try not to do that) he promptly ate mad shit and him and his board were in the middle of road. So braddah man goes to get his board and BOOM. The other heats started going down and what I witnessed was pure DEVASTATION. Ping pang people falling left an right, at least 2 more heats came and people start shutting down in anticipation for the pileup and people were sliding into each other, jumping over each other, and just eating shit right in front of my eyes, it was probably one of the most beautiful best sites I’ve ever seen in downhill skateboarding hahahahah im so stoked I was not in on that and that it happened right in front of me.

So after everyone got up and we all did a couple more practice runs, the race was on. I got past my first two heats, me and braddah nick from maui were holdin it down until we were put up against fellow makikiians evan twiggy and the rhyzm. Me and nick ended up losing the heat.

The strategy for this hill is to win from your start. This hill is HARD to pass and draft with speeds of under 33mph and a run of less than 45 seconds. It is especially hard when people are of equal skill, it ALL depends on the start. What happens is that you end up staying in the same position you were in off the start, so for this race you almost HAVE TO do a throwdown instead of push.

Anyway, the heats went down, and the semis came down to kj, j perry, evan twigger, dante, rhys, Jordan teets mahoe, the coronas eel, and Kenny berglestrom?....im pretty sure. After that shit went down, the finals came. IT was KJ, J PEARS, EVAN SMITH, AND DA CORONAS EEL. It was a FAST heat, I only seen the ending of it but the riders assumed the flying snake position, as the train slithered its way down the hill as the riders were trying to build up a draft waiting for the perfect time to pass.
KJ ended up winning 1st (what a shocker) the smith twigg got 2nd, J-perry got 3rd, and the Coronas eel in 4th.

So the race was done and it was time for some freeride action, we were to meet in an hours time at the beach for prizes. And then some more carnage happened. I took a run with cookie and dante and they were going hard in the paint and ate shit in front of me causing me to drag my ass, side, and arm on the ground. So I decided to just sit on the side, burn some and watch some.

And then it happened.

I was sitting at the right bender leading into the second dip, when a biker was BOOKING it up the hill somehow (maybe he had a motor? Or some gnarly ass biking skillz) and PINGAH. We heard a crash, I went to go check it out and mannnnnn it was fucked. Pro yoyoer bodyboarder biker kendama master event organizer Mackenzie was on the ground and this biker was RAGING. Biker mans face was all bloody, but he eventually calmed down as he realized the gravity of the situation. Mack ended up having a concussion, broken collarbone, and a juicy gash on his leg.
That sucked on a lot of levels. Thankfully Mackenzie was still conscious but definitely needed to go to a hospital ASAP and we all proceeded to get the fuck outta there. 

Mack went to the hospital and Kenneth birdsong hosted the prize give aways. And that was that. After that a bunch of the boyz headed to keikis for some bodysurfseshins and it was kind of like the race, we were all taking lines into each other, my road rash was burning as much as everyone at race, and it was good.

And that's what happened that day.

- Write up by Jeffery Khau.

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