HawaiiWinterOutlawSeries- Q&A.

Aloha Wheel Turners,
The Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series jam sessions will be starting up real soon and i KNOW a few of you may have a few questions or concerns.
So to help EVERYONE out i figured id write up a little Questions and Answers section to lots of the most commonly asked questions. Remember, these " guidelines " were not made to be mean... but to keep the events safe and efficient. 

See everyone at the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series!

The "Questions & No's" - Dalton Iwabuchi 
Q - Question. A- Answer.

Q- If i didn't sign up during pre registration can i still come and race? 
A- NO, you must send your name in for pre registration or contact the jam organizer. This is to enable us to pre set any brackets that may need to be done. IF the event is full, you can still send your name in and it will be added to a waiting list.

Q- How do i know if I'm signed up?
A- You will get a response email telling you that we got ya set up. This will have all the jam details. IF you don't get an email this most likely means the registration is closed and you were added to the waiting list.

Q- I know it says full face helmets required... but i don't have one ( or don't like mine ), can i use a half shell? 
A- NO! Full face helmets are required to skate any of the jams, no matter what. Borrow one, buy one, suck it up if you don't like yours... but keep yer grill guarded.

Q- It's raining!!! Is the jam canceled?!?  
A- NEVER, we still jammin! If the jam zone is soaked we will simply have a rider vote to decided on a alternate spot or possibly modified course. We will never call off a jam unless the earth is cracking in half or Hawaii is sinking! This is so any traveling skaters can go to the events knowing they won't miss it due to a schedule change. We also know people are obligated to duties and don't want you to have to clear another day. We can still have safe, WET, fun! 

Q- Can i bring someone with me?
A- Im SORRY but this is a racers race only. No spectators please. Sadly we are still in our " outlaw " stages. These are just jams with friends, Nothing is Offical. Because of this we want the skaters to be able to skate as much as possible without bumming out the residents of the area we are in. The more people we have the harder it is to do this. We have a ton of skaters in the jam as is and we are stoked about it! When we get together Hawaii's first legal jam one day you can bring the world! 

Q- Is this a race? 
A- NO. None of the H.W.O.S events are races. These are just opportunities for everyone in the Hawaii skate scene to meet, greet, roll and smile. We do have giveaways... but everyone gets something!

 - More Q & A's may be added as the series goes on, but i hope these help for now!

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