4th Annual GreenSkateHawaii 2013

4th Annual Green Skate Hawaii 2013
It's April, and once again the Green have gathered on the South side of Oahu for the 4th Annual Green Skate Hawaii. Nearly 50 amped wheel turners showed up on a sunny Saturday, the 26th of April to push from UH Manoa to Kakaako waterfront park. 

All kinds of wheels were at Green Skate.

The Goal? 
To help the public see that a Skateboard is a great alternative energy mode of transportation... especially in this area of Hawaii. We also picked up the trash along our skate to keep the community that we skate in clean. But its also a fun skate, with a rad crew... nothing but stoke!

Once the crew was assembled, trash bags were passed out, the route was explained, group photo taken... then once the stop light matched our shirts, we started our bomb down University!

This is always the best part! Everyone is still in a big group and this is the only hill along the whole route, which makes for a SICK pack bomb of madness. 

Cars can never help but to give into the stoke and let us roll as a pack down this hill... its a beautiful thing!
KJ reveals a ball of Nectar to Rhys... who needs an energy drink?
UH Manoa " Wahines on Wheels" skate club leader looking back at the pack.
After the bomb, its flat till the end. Some choose to cruise and take a mellow pace, others skate the obstacles all along the route turning it into a street sesh, and a few race for the finish through traffic. Whichever line you choose theres skaters all around amping you on, so it makes the push seem not nearly as long as it really is.
Smiles all around.
Finally after working our way through the hectic area of Honolulu/ Waikiki we hit the home stretch, Ala Moana Beach park. The busy roads are done and in here we can relax for the final push along the beach. 

A skater grabbing that trash along the push.

Every year we get to Kakaako and realize how fast it was to get there! We coulda pushed slower and stopped for water! But I'm sure everyone was rushing for the prize giveaway at the finish.

Thanks to Sector 9, DaStickHonolulu, and WheelTurnerHawaii.com we had all kinds of skate goods to give away. 

Prizes were given away in all kinds of ways. 
Skate limbo, a slide jam, Grass hill races, most trash picked up, fastest pusher, slowest pusher... All kine!

( You know its gonna hurt when the top of your feet are touching the ground when you should be running *** note homie in the green shirt and shorts in the mid leftish of the shot***)
After the festivities were done,  EVERY RIDER IN ATTENDANCE went home with a prize. Getting awarded for having fun! What could be better! 
 Good times, Great Vibes... Cant wait for next years Green Skate Hawaii.
Big Mahalo's to everyone who came out to roll Green Skate. I hope everyone had a good time!

Feel free to use the photos, PLEASE GIVE PHOTO CREDIT TO WheelTurnerHawaii.com

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