HawaiiWinterOutlawSeries F.O.S.A.L 5 Write Up and Photos.

February is a bitter sweet month for us skaters here in Hawaii. 
Sadly, its the last event of the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series season... but The Festival of Sugar and Love is ALWAYS a good way to end it! On Feb 16 & 17 wheel turners from all over the Hawaiian Islands gathered on Oahu for F.O.S.A.L 5, and hawt damnnn did they bring the heat!
Skaters met on Saturday up in the Koolau mountain range and set up camp for a night of good times. We were a little worried to see a FATTY group of boy scouts in our campsite from the past two years, but we just relocated to the OG camp site in the middle of a big s turn... and everything was gravy! ( especially with the park maintenance crew on our side)

Once our zone was set for the night and the camp vibes were runnin strong.... we headed over to the ONE WAY DOWNHILL side of the park, which happens to be packed with hairpins.... got registration completed, and The Festival of Sugar and Love 5 was underway. 
Though we had less competitors this year then in the past, the skill level was higher then ever. First round was a 30 min Jam style sesh. Riders could walk up and take as many, or as little runs as they wanted. Like every F.O.S.A.L we were overloaded with all kinds of different styles making it very difficult to judge. Luckily this year we had several very qualified judges to make the process a bit easier.



When the 30 minutes were up we had seen all kinds of SICK skateboarding on this steep S turn. Speed, technical tricks, switch runs, two hands down... all kine. 
As much as EVERYONE in the first round was shredding... the judges were only able to choose their favorite 8 skaters. 
Moving onto the second round was Toa, Dakota, KJ, Bronson, Dante, Kaimana, Hunter and Nikko. This round got GOOD! Theres still riders from several different islands, every skater having a totally different and unique style from the rest. I love this about Hawaii skating! Styles are influenced by inner steeze, and not so much by what is seen on the net. 
Riders had the option to rest a while and wait to light up the turn after dark for a night sesh for round 2... but they were AMPING. So they decided to get underway despite the minor drizzle and setting sun.

The judges had a HARD task now! This round we are cutting out 8 riders down to 4, and everyone of them were going HARD. 
Nikko, Dakota and Dante kept their lines FAST. Nikko hands down, Dakota and Dante stand up style. Kaimana and Hunter kept it standup for the most part, but both of them busted out the switch action quite a bit. Toa and KJ went pretty tech... 360s in both directions, grabs, lifting noses and tails.... but they also switched it up a bit every few runs came with some faster lines as well. Bronson kept at his own approach, very tech slides at decent speed... but with street style ollie/flip tricks mixed in the run.

 Every one of the 8 riders was very entertaining to watch, but only 4 riders would continue onto the Semi Finals.
The sun is setting, round 2's half hour jam sesh is over... and after long discussion the judges have come up with F.O.S.A.L's top 4 riders. 
Moving onto the semi finals are some of the most stylish riders on the Hawaiian islands. The semis are 
Toa Nanpei, KJ Nakanelua, Bronson Sterling and Dante Alston. 

Everyone was beat from a day of shredding, so the final 4 decided to put off the semis till the next morning. 
Everyone headed back over to our campsite...started up the BBQ, got some beers and sessioned into the night. And once again Cookie was the WINNER of the F.O.S.A.L party for the second year in a row. He even took home his empty bottle of jagermeister ( his first ever btw ) as a trophy. 
After a good nights rest... kinda... everyone woke up to a sunny, Sunday morning. A perfect day to finish off the H.W.O.S. 
Once everyone grinded some food and got some coffee... the semi finals were under way!
This round would be a 20 min jam sesh, which gives riders just enough time to showcase everything they can do... while still trying to keep consistent through the session. 
We thought the last rounds were tough? This one is insane. The judges really had to consider everything... speed, style, originality, consistency, number of tricks, look on the riders face, color of their socks, ect. 
When the 20 minutes were up the judges still couldn't seem to come up with a set two riders to advance, so they were forced to just do it by a vote amongst the judges. 
All judges voted Bronson Sterling into the finals but there were some split votes for the second person. 
When the votes were added up, it was Dante Alston to move on with B.Sterls to the finals! 
Two totally different styles and both riders SHRED HARD, this made for an epic F.O.S.A.L 5 Finals. 
This round is a little different then the rest. No freedom of having a jam sesh. Each rider will get 3 solo runs to give it all they got. Following these 3 runs, they get 2 tandem runs with the other finalist. They lead one run, and follow one. 
Up first was Bronson. Through out his 3 runs he busted out more NBD loop trail lines then i have seen all year. He was blasting blunts constantly... some on wood only, no thane touching the ground! Then he'd follow up with something like a 180 out, then into a  tre flip or fs flip. How about a no comply here n there, some mid turn full cabs, oh and how about just gap the bottom right turn for fun?  Gnarlyness. 
Next was Dante. Speed with a touch of steeze was his approach. He was coming fast every run blasting  a variation of squat slides in the first left , followed with big, clean switch slides in the right. Looking smooth and quick though out every run. 
Now it was time for the tandem runs. Bronson leading the first run. 
B. Sterls kept a similar approach to the rest of his runs during the tandem. Kept it tech, while staying clean. Dante followed a ways behind him with a stand up front side to backside.  
In the next tandem run Dante led. He chose to start from the top of the run to get a but more speed, so Bronson changed boards for the first time in the event to his speed board and went up to the top as well.

When the two came into the turn Dante had a little gap on Bronson and threw a big frontside standie. Bronson followed with a hands down slide closing the gap a bit. Going into the right Dante had a little too much speed causing him to slide out a bit and loose his line. Bronson threw a hands down toe side, making the pass in the turn. 
BOOM. The finals were done. But we still needed to choose a winner and the judges tapped out. So it came down to a competitor vote. Each rider could only vote once. I made the announcement and counted the hands... and the winner was... GAHHH an equal split in votes?!? 
Being a past F.O.S.A.L finalist i know how beat n tired you are by the finals... so we didn't try to make them skate more. INSTEAD we had the most high stakes game of Jan Ken Po ( Rock, paper, scissors) ever! 
The best out of 3 game turned into a best out of 5. Even fate couldn't decide a winner! But in the end, the new Festival Of Sugar and Love 5 Champion is Bronson Sterling. Well deserved! An all around shredder... good job Bronson! 
Following the skating we gave out some SICK gear to the top F.O.S.A.L riders! Decks, trucks, bearings, wheels, gloves, pucks, shirts, socks... um everything you could need in life. Good Stuff!
Then i realized i had a whole 2 more boxes of prizes! So we added up the OVERALL SERIES POINTS on the spot and finished up the season by awarding our overall winners. The top 16 in the series were also stoked to take home a load of gear/life essentials. Nothing but smiles to finish off the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series.

Us here at WheelTurnerHawaii.com along with all of the wheel turners on the islands would like to give a HUGE Mahalo to all of the supporters who could make this season possible. We wouldn't have a series without you!
I hope everyone had a great Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series race season. We stayed safe, while shredding the island chain to pieces. The progression of the sport here in Hawaii is growing more n more every year and its not stopping! Until next season, everyone shred hard and ride safe. Spread positivity through turning wheels. 

5 years of WheelTurnerHawaii.com events and many more to come!

The Festival Of Sugar and Love 5 Results.
1st Bronson Sterling
2nd Dante Alston
3rd KJ Nakanelua
4th Toa Nanpei

OVERALL Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series Results. (Top 20)

NikkoKamanuwai – 185, 71, 148, 148, 85, 149 = 786 
RhysMorishima- 160, 85, 127, 165, 74,127 = 738 
DanteAltson- 70, 93,185, 91,93, 170 = 704
MaikaMcWayne- 155, 148, 148, 80, 127 = 658
JefferyKhau- 90, 71, 127, 160, 127 = 575
ToaNanpei- 90, 109, 126, 83, 160 = 568
IanCoronas- 90, 127, 126,55, 127= 525
KJNakanelua- 165, 91, 74, 165 = 495
WillRoss- 150, 56, 127, 91, 64 = 488
EthanLau- 170, 80, 109, 126 = 485
MackenzieYoshida- 146, 71, 127, 126= 470
TommyMcClain- 142, 160, 91, 64 = 457
NickShimozaki- 126, 148, 91,55 = 420
EvanTwiggSmith- 170, 126, 64 = 360
KeolaChu- 165, 185= 350
BenFeilds- 126, 71,148, = 345
PonoCosta- 126, 91, 127 = 344
BronsonSterling- 70, 64, 185 = 319
ErikSato- 70, 83, 91, 55 = 299
DakotaCamp – 148, 149 = 297


Blood Orange Bushings
Bear Trucks
Magic Bearings
808 Skate
and the rest of the AWESOME supporters.


All Photos- Mackenzie Yoshida. WheelTurnerHawaii.com
Please give photo credit if copied.

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