Here in Hawaii we are mid way through out race season and once again, next week we are off to another island to shred the gnar. Though all of you probably have it down by now...i figured i may as well go over a little essentials list of crucial things to have if your a traveling skater.

Here we go.

1) SKATEBOARD/ SKATEBOARDS ... but no more then 2! Less the better. You will all be squeezing into cars, gots to be able to breathe!

2) Helmet and Gear. Try to bring just 1 helmet, once again less is better. I slack when it comes to this. Make sure you have all safety gear you'll need. Extra pucks! and carry your extra wheels in a carry on to avoid the weight in the check in bag.

3) One man TENT, Bivy Sleeping Bag or Hammok. There are tons of tiny, easy to pack tents. Don't lug around a 5 person tent with a hundred poles! Even better is a waterproof bivy sleeping bag or a hammock.... these can be broken down easily and moved on to the next skate spot without hassle. 
Something like this 2 pole tent is $30 at sports authority

4) Foldable grill / 1 can stove. You gotta eat to live. And driving down the mountain from the camp spot to pay a ton for a meal isn't ideal either. Bring a foldable grill or one can stove ( available at walmart ) and kill it with the hot dogs, burgers and canned foods! 

5) Water Bottles. While skating you gotta keep hydrated. Bring something to hold water in. Score free water when you can. Or buy a big jug to keep it cheap. But don't be that guy to drink straight from the community jug thats gonna be lasting days!

6) Roof Rack. Have at least one roof rack/ surf strap you can use per car. Get the bags up there and you will save a load of space in the car. You'll be thanking me.

7) CAMERA. Capture the good times and great vibes.

So you all should know the rest for sure. Toothbrush, pantys, what not. But knowing these few things will help your trip flow a little smoother.

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