HawaiiWinterOutlawSeries Event 4 - The Maui Challenge 2.

Aloha wheel turners. 
Its the holiday season, so we are giving ourselves a treat for the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series event 4. We are taking our 4th event over to Maui and jamming the gems their island has to offer. The boys over there have been scoping all possible courses and have found the perfect one. 

Here's some info straight from the Maui crew!

" The course is called ***** Farms. It's a development project in *****,
near *****, on a road called ** ****. This development hasn't begun
yet and there is nothing down there minus buttery pavement right to a
beach access. It's not even on google maps. The course is a nip under
2 minutes. I'll try to find camping that's nearby for racers.

Top speed: 35-40mph (could be faster in a pack)
Hazards: speed-bump (can be tucked over)
Tech: 3-4 tucking sweepers, hit top speed into a right that you can
pin if you do it right, followed closely by a drfity left 120* left
and a 100 foot straight, rolls into a flat left and a 200 yard flat
straight into grass. I filmed a raw run the other day, I just need to
get it from Jon's house..

The entire course is lined with grass on both sides, no driveways. The
reflectors and yellow line haven't been put in yet.
This course is walkable, however bumping the entry price $5 to pay off
some drivers sounds enticing.

$10 to enter the slide jam
$20 to enter the race
$25 for both events

The only real problem we may run into on this course would be rain.
***** is sort of 50/50 right now.. but we have a back up course an
hour away that just about never rains."

Please email skaterademaui@gmail.com by DECEMBER 20th to register for the event. 

All islands are coming out to jam this one... it's be a good one! See every one on Maui, Don't forget to register.

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