Had fun at H.W.O.S event 1? Thought the schwag was awesome? 

Well it hasn't stopped coming in to the H.W.O.S headquarters!

Big Mahalo to the companies in support of the 
2012- 2013 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series.


Fabian killing some Lavender.

Shred Shed visitor Fabian Laute took a hop over to Maui for a few days. He had a chance to meet the precious Poli poli once again i herd it claimed as the best road in the world. I couldn't agree more. Check out Fabian shredding a raw run on a section of the hill.
A pack of 4 drop into the race course during the H.W.O.S #1 in a tight pack. 
Photo - WheelTurnerHawaii.com

420 Tantalus 2012

You can always trust Rhys Morishima to put out some of the sickest GoPro videos Hawaii's got. Check out this new nugget he just dropped of this past years Tantalus 420

HawaiiWinterOutlawSeries Event 2 - Lurkers Playground.

The Playground
When-  Oct 20, 2012 depending on weather  the 21st
Where- Big Island, Hamakua side
Jam Price- $15

October is around the corner and you should be gearing up for the second event of the HWOS, BUT this is the first event to take place on the Big Island, we call it Lurkers Playground and this is one race you are not going to want to miss. The course is fast, with speeds up to and exceeding 50mph with a pack. I suggest you be prepared for high speeds and fast turns. There is no need for drifting though, but this course IS a balls to the walls speed style rush.
If you care for a sneak peek at the racecourse check out Mason Valenzuela’s Big Island episode two or Follow the link http://vimeo.com/45875700

For those of you with no place to stay, bring your camping gear, there will be people camping at a state campsite close to the racecourse. To camp here there is a small fee, 6 dollars a night to be exact, for the permit to camp there. It is on a “beach” so it won’t be super cold. By beach I mean river mouth. If you would like to look up the campsite online, it is Kole Kole beach park.

If you will be camping with the group, email StokedSkaters@aol.com, so that we can get the permit in order before everyone shows up.

Even though this event is half points, the course and the surrounding hills without a doubt are going to make your trip more than worth it. Directly above the campsite is an epic bomb, not the racecourse, but surely a hill you will remember.

To register please email StokedSkaters@aol.com. Include your Name, age, email/phone number and which event you are signing up for. When you receive a confirmation email you are IN! All information on where and when to meet on the jam day will be included in the email. All $15 entry fee's will be collected on the day of the race.

Please don't send your name in for registration and not show up, If this happens more then once you will no be allowed to enter the next HWOS event. If you have sent your name and can not make it, please email to let us know. IF ALL SPOTS ARE NOT FULL, we will allow entry the day of the sesh for $5 extra. Please check back to the site within 2 days of each event to see the status on entrys.
 THIS IS A JAM SESSION WITH FRIENDS, NOT A RACE. We are still at a " outlaw " status as legit as the events may be. And to keep them going, we need to make sure to stick to this.^^^
Also, this is a SKATERS ONLY event... please don't bring any spectators. We don't want to overwhelm the people in the zones we are cruising at.
BIG MAHALO's for taking the time to read this. Please remember to send in your name if you want to make it out. See everyone on Oct 20th for a good time of wheel turning!


At the line.

Racers get ready at the start line of the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series event 1 
" The Hawaiian Ridge Rusher 2"
-Photo M. Yoshida


Flow Skateboard Mag x HWOS

Hawaii's own FLOW skateboarding magazine came out this past weekend to cover the first event of the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series. Check the SICK shots they were able to score.

Photo - Flow.

Sector 9 EuroTrip.

BigDave x CometSkateboards.

Big Dave is one of those guys who SHREDS anything he rides. Cant wait for the full length video.

HWOS - The Rudge Rusher 2 VIDEO

Brock Deem and Roland Bargiel came out to the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series event 1 this weekend to document the stokage. Check out this awesome edit they just let out! 

Big Mahalos guys for helping us document the Hawaiian downhill scene.

Go to Brock's vimeo page to check out his other Sk808DH video productions.


IG of the day.

Kapono set up his WheelTurnerHawaii recycled series mini. More one of a kind shapes to come soon!


H.W.O.S Event 1 -The Hawaiian Ridge Rusher. Write up and Photos.

Howzit Wheel Turners!
Yesterday, Saturday, September 15th was the first event of 6 events in the 2012 – 2013 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series and I gotta give it a big CHEEHOO! What a start to the season!  We had nearly 50 racers out on the beautiful, sunny, North Shore of Oahu ready to race.
We gathered at the beach on the bottom of the mountain to get registered and get brackets set. Once everyone stocked up on water for the day we decided to head up the mountain.

Upon arriving at the top, there was a Hawaii forest police officer just leisurely relaxing in his car at the entrance of the course. So we instantly signaled all arriving skaters to turn around and head back to the beach. This was a nice little wake up call to remind everyone that this IS an outlaw race, and not everything can be perfect. So we took an hour break, and headed back up the hill.
Now he was gone, so we all started our hike into the race course. You walk a dirt road for about 15 minutes then out of no where, Butter,flowing curves appear on the tip of a Hawaiian mountain ridge… to top it off, its closed to cars!
When finally getting to the race course, there was a BIG puddle and some mud across the road. BUT our downhill community grabbed shovels and booms and made it nearly perfect in minutes.  So practice runs got underway.
After everyone was looking comfortable on the course, we got underway with the first, prelim round. Several riders were seated in the next round to even out the bracket, so this round determined who would make it into the main event.
Just because this was only the first round, there was no shortage of shreddage. Fast starts ( pushes and throw downs ), tight packs and intense passes were all seen from the very first heat!
After 8 heats of battling it out, the top 2 racers from every round moved on up to the top 32 bracket. With this course being fairly mellow, no drifts, just tuck, go and find the right line… these next few rounds got HEAVY.

Everyone had their game face on, all riders on point, fighting to make it across the finish in 1st or 2nd. As the battle continued on, the top 2 moved up once again… giving us out top 16 racers.
Now the brackets are full of some of Hawaii’s best downhill skateboarders, including Sector 9’s Ethan Lau, last years event winner Nikko Kamanuwai, H.W.O.S x2 overall winner Mackenzie Yoshida to name a few.

Nothing but tight, top notch, Hawaiian racing this round. Every heat staying in one pack, nearly connected from start to finish… going for the winning lines. These heats were getting so close we needed to start sending riders to the finish just to watch CLOSLEY to see who came across that line first.
As the battle moved on, it came down to our top 8, the semi finals. Making it was Nikko vs Maika vs Ethan vs Will and  Cookie vs Keola vs Rhys vs Mackenzie. In the first semi final, the racing was tight! So tight that they needed a redo between Maika, Nikko and Ethan just to see who would move on. And in the redo Nikko and Ethan held on strong making the finals for their 2nd year in a row. In the second semi, Rhys kept a good lead in front as the other 3 fought for second… Keola ending up in the number 2 spot!
The finals are Nikko, Ethan, Rhys, Keola and the semis are Cookie, Mackenzie, Will and Maika.
In the consi finals, all racers were in a line dropping into the first dip Maika leading the pack. Mackenzie, cookie and Will closely following, tucking, drafting and bumping their way to the finish.
In the finals, all riders stayed close. Every rider in a perfect tuck, not budging a bit.
As they round the last corner, making it across the finish line first, for the SECOND year in a row was NIKKO Kamanuwai!
Following the finals we all headed down to the beach for the awards. Riders were treated with a load of boards, trucks, gloves, wheels, refreshments and a Hawaiian sun setting into the Pacific Ocean.
All the skaters who came out left with smiles and stoke. It was a full day of wheel turning and positive vibes. That’s what the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series is all about!
Big Island’s next… who’s ready?!?

2012 – 2013 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series
Event #1-The 2nd Annual Hawaiian Ridge Rusher

1st Nikko Kamanuwai. $150 & schwag
2nd Ethan Lau $100 & schwag
3rd Keola Chu $75 & schwag
4th Rhys Morishima $50 & schwag
5th Maika McWayne $15 & schwag
6th Will Ross $15 & schwag
7th Mackenzie Yoshida $15 & schwag
8th Tommie “ Cookie” McClain $15 & schwag
Big Mahalos

Caliber Truck Co.
Randal Trucks
808 Skate
Abec 11
Fly Hi Hawaii
808 Skate
Flow Magazine
And the rest of those who supported us!

Photos by Evan Higa, Jase Kawasugi, and WheelTurnerHawaii.com


HawaiiWinterOutlawSeries Event 1. - Mahalo

Today was the start of the 2012 - 2013 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series and we couldn't have asked for a better day. The weather was epic, the racing was intense and the vibes were good! Thanks to all the skaters and everyone who supported the first event.
 There are 5 more sick ones to come.

1st - Nikko Kamanuwai ( 2nd year straight ) 
2nd- Ethan Lau
3rd- Keola Chu
4th- Rhys Morishima
5th- Maika McWayne
6th- Will Ross
7th- Mackenzie Yoshida
8th- Tommie "Cookie"McClain


808 Skate.
Flow Magazine.
Fly Hi Hawaii
and the rest of you awesome buggahs!


The Hawaii Winter Outlaw Seires kicks off THIS WEEKEND!

This weekend the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series kicks off, and event 1 is gonna be an awesome one! Fun jam hill, a good crew of friends, over $500 in give aways... Great times for sure. 

Big Mahalo to Caliber Truck Co. and all of the other supporters for making this possible.

See all registered wheel turners this weekend!



Registration for the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series event 1 is now CLOSED. 

All spots are full and we have a long wait list. 
Mahalo for your interest in the H.W.O.S