Hawaii Winter Outlaw Seires Event 1 - The Hawaiian Ridge Rusher 2.

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The Hawaiian Ridge Rusher 2.
When- Sep 15, 2012
Where- North Side of Oahu 
Jam Price- $15
Fullface helmets and gloves are REQUIRED to sesh. Leathers or full pads highly encouraged. 

Last year's official video by Caleb Manibog


September is almost here and we are getting ready for the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series event 1, The Hawaiian Ridge Rusher 2. For those who came out to jam last year, it will be at the same spot. For those who missed out last year... the course is a fun 30ish MPH run complete with several  dips and sweepers. No hands are needed for any of the turns, but a good tuck will help!
 We are trying our best this year to keep the jams mellow and fun for all. Our goal is to keep the events as more of a SESSION WITH FRIENDS then a race.
To keep things tight knit ,the location and meet up  info will be given to you upon registering. WE WILL BE CAPPING THIS EVENT AT 32 ENTRYS FOR THIS EVENT. First come first serve.
 To register please email StokedSkaters@aol.com. Include your Name, age, email/phone number and which event you are signing up for. When you receive a confirmation email you are IN! All information on where and when to meet on the jam day will be included in the email. All $15 entry fee's will be collected on the day of the race.
Please don't send your name in for registration and not show up, If this happens more then once you will no be allowed to enter the next HWOS event. If you have sent your name and can not make it, please email to let us know. IF ALL SPOTS ARE NOT FULL, we will allow entry the day of the sesh for $5 extra. Please check back to the site within 2 days of each event to see the status on entrys. 

For those who know where the course is, we ask that you please keep from riding it the week or so before the event. 


 THIS IS A JAM SESSION WITH FRIENDS, NOT A RACE. We are still at a " outlaw " status as legit as the events may be. And to keep them going, we need to make sure to stick to this.^^^
Also, this is a SKATERS ONLY event... please don't bring any spectators. We don't want to overwhelm the people in the zones we are cruising at. 
BIG MAHALO's for taking the time to read this. Please remember to send in your name if you want to make it out. See everyone on Sep 15th for a good time of wheel turning!

HawaiiWinterOutlawSeries Event 1 - Course Run Down. from Mackenzie Yoshida on Vimeo.
Course Run Down from last year, Don't pay attention to the event info in the video. This will however be the same course for this year... study up!

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