2012 - 2013 Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series.

September 15th – The Hawaiian Ridge Rusher 2. North Side, Oahu*

October 20th .21st - Hilo, Big Island.

November 17th – The Scorcher 3. South Side, Oahu*

December 22nd .23rd - The Maui Challenge 2. Up Country, Maui*

January 19th -  Hawaiian Death Slalom 2. _____, Oahu

February 16th.17th – Festival of Sugar and Love 5. South Side, Oahu*

*** All full point events are marked ***

Summer is blazing by here on the islands and the winter months are right around the corner. This could only mean one thing! Big winter swells? Kahuku shrimp trucks? Tastey seasonal nectars? Beautiful Waterfalls?... Ok I guess it could mean more then just one thing, but it also marks the start of the Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series.
It’s back again. 6 events, 6 months… tons of shred n’ stoke. The H.W.O.S season is coming up soon and we are shooting to make it the best one yet. With 4 closed road courses on Oahu, 1 Big Island, and 1 Maui race… this season is guaranteed to be full of fun.
Through out the season we will be skating all sorts of terrain to find the most well rounded wheel turner in Hawaii. Points will be awarded through out the season to get an over all series winner. Not only do you get awarded points for participating in the series, but riders are treated with loads of gear, EVEN CASH at every event! In the past years almost every one that showed up at the events walked away with something. Our sponsors make sure we are STOKED and get rewarded for coming out and killing it.
For those who have done the series in the past, the fun will be the same, with a few small IMPORTANT details changed to make thing run a little smoother.
First off is the change in the points system. We will be awarding full points for only 4 events this season. 2 events will be only half points. This will make it easier for riders to catch up in case they miss an event. But make sure you may attention to which events are full points, and which aren’t.
This season PRE REGISTRATION is REQUIRED to have a spot in the event. There will also be a set number of spots available in each event. We are doing this so we can prepare brackets and such in advance. This will help race day move smooth and efficient.
To pre register be sure to email your Name, Age, and event # to StokedSkaters@aol.com AT LEAST 3 days before each event. ( Wednesdays are usually the last day for registration)  Payment to enter will be taken on the hill the morning of the event.  If there are still open spots available after pre registration, an announcement will be made on WheelTurnerHawaii.com the night before and entering the day of will be allowed… with a $5 Late Fee.
Like in the past, the H.W.O.S highly encourages the use of leathers in all races. If not riding leathers, we hope to see everyone in full pads and a helmet. THIS YEAR THE USE OF FULLFACE HELMETS WILL BE REQUIRED IN ALL RACES. So get saving for one if you don’t already have one. Good solid ones are available at Wal Mart for right around $50.

The schedule is up, get off work, get the word out! This years Hawaii Outlaw Series is going to be SICK! Information on each individual event will be released within a month before it goes down, so keep checking the site. 

If you have any questions, concerns or sponsor inquiries, feel free to email StokedSkaters@aol.com.

See everyone in September for event one! Remember to get registered!


Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series 2011 - 2012 OVERALL SERIES WINNERS. 

1st Mackenzie Yoshida
2nd KJ Nananelua 
3rd Keolanui Chu
4th Jeffrey Khau
5th Maika McWayne
6th Rhys Morishima

Check some videos from the past years!

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