2nd Annual Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series

2nd Annual Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series

            This year will be the second year we are having the Winter Outlaw Series and it’s going to be awesome! Hawaii’s favorite six month / six race series is back with a blast. We have been searching hard to figure out the sickest, safest race courses we can. Some will be your same favorites, and we have some new ones… including a Maui event. Which I’m sure everyone is amped about.
            Even though we are only one year deep as a series, for some of these events this will be the fourth year running strong. The series will be very similar to last years, it will include several types of terrain. People who skate everything will shine!
            There will be six races, one a month from September through Feburary, with one double event. Riders will be awarded points… along with some bonus gear… and at the end of the season the riders with the most points get goods n’ green thanks to our sponsors!
            Since last years series the scene and skill level has grown tremendously! We want to keep this great skate community we have going by rolling with control. There will be a skate session/ BBQ before the start of the series and we ask all skaters who want to participate in the series come out. Here some of the new riders will get to meet everyone, and riders will get to practice safe racing techniques before jumping into the races. All participants will be required to fill out the waiver form that will be available before racing any of the races. Helmets and gloves are REQUIRED to race. Pads and leathers are encouraged.
            This year we have a early registration special available. Reserve a spot by emailing StokedSkaters@aol.com or signing up on WheelTurnerHawaii.com and pay your full series entry of $90 by September 17. By doing this you will save $10 on entry fees and get a series schwag bag… you will be stoked! If you choose not to do this, please have your name registered ( no payment needed to register name, pay day of event ) for each race three days before the event or it will be a $5 late fee on top of the entry fee.
            September is coming quick, so get ready to do some fun skateboarding. More information on each race will be released closer to the event day, so keep checking back. We hope everyone will come out and try to make it to a few races… if not the complete series. Get those early registrations in once it gets close to the first race. If you have any questions, sponsorship info, imput or anything else email StokedSkaters@aol.com

REMEMBER- This is an outlaw... it is more of a session with prizes then a race. We want to be ninjas not pirates!

 Roll Safe.

Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series

Event 1 – September 24, 2011. Sat. The Ridge Rusher. $15.
Event 2 - October 15, 2011. Sat. 2nd Annual Scorcher Invitational. $20.
Event 3 – November 12, 2011. Sat. Night Owls Time Trials of Lust. $10.
Event 4 – December 13- 14, 2011. Tues,Wed. The Maui Challenge. $ 15. $ 10 Slopestyle  x2 Points
Event 5 – January 1, 2012. Sun. New Years Death Slalom $ 10
Event 6 – February 11 – 12, 2012. Sat, Sun. Festival Of Sugar and Love 4. $20.

Total $ amount - $100.
Early registration - $ 90 Includes series schwag bag.

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