Team Towns Too Far wins the Summer Series event 1!

Yesterday was the first event of the Moonlight Summer Series. It was a team scavenger hunt at the University of Hawaii and did not take place in the moonlight. hah. 
We all met up at 2pm at yogurtland to get our hunt lists. There were 28 things to try to get done in 1 hour... everything from finding a Hawaiian Kane Dolo statue to getting a girls name and number. The teams of four started skating around and searching hard for the check points. 
After a hour of lurking UH campus all of the teams finished up at a local community park to get the results. The points were added up and there was a tie! A team of townies and out team! A tie breaker was needed so we decided on a team relay push race around the park. 
In the end it was a team of Bronson S, Maika M, Pono C, and me taking the win! Team Town's Too Far made the swoop! We were stoked to receive a box of goodies ( gloves, shirts, pucks, stickers, nuggie nuggies, blunt wraps, beer coozies and more ) from the sponsors and we celebrated with a winning blunt right away. 
Big Mahalo to Kenny B and all of the sponsors for making this possible... Cant wait for the next event!

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