The Hawaii Winter Outlaw Seires - BBQ and Safety Session.

  The Hawaii Winter Outlaw Series is getting closer with the first race a little over a month away and its looking like its going to be GOOOOOOD! So far we have received sponsorships from Rip City Skate, Caliber Trucks, Blood Orange, Fireball Wheels, 808 Skate, Loaded, Orangatang and more to help stoke out the racers at each event. 
We will be having a BBQ/SafetySession/SlideJam on Saturday, August 13. Noon @ The Loop. Here riders will get a chance to meet all the skaters from other parts of the island. We will also be making sure that everyone has the skills needed to race safely. If any riders are feeling uncomfortable and want some help... there will be tons of rippers around to team up with to talk to and learn from. If you live on Oahu and plan on entering the series... PLEASE MAKE IT TO THIS BBQ. This will also be the first chance to start getting in your early registrations. It will save you money and get you bonus prizes! 
Keep spreading the stoke of the series. Lets make it a good winter for us and all of the visiting skaters that will be coming. Hope to see everyone at the BBQ.

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