Tantalus 420

Today is April 20th... 420! Here on Oahu the annual 420 Tantalus bomb went down. This event has been going on for 10+ years now on and has owned up quite the name in Hawaii. Every year, Tantalus, 420. @ 420. Since before i took longboarding serious id hear about the 420 bombers and see them on the local extreme sports tv show. Because of this the Honolulu police department keeps close watch on the hill, and have shut down the bomb several times. 
This year the skate couldn't have went better. 20+ skaters were on the sunny, dry hill, ready to skate. We all got to surf the hill together in close packs. Got to do two runs, both were EPIC. The best thing of all, after the two runs... there were still no police in sight. Did they give us this one???.. and to go along with that there were no bad injuries. 
After a good skate like that we had to finish off our 420 with a nice swim at a local waterfall and some good grub. Today is like a holiday for me. I look forwards to bombing with that big pack of Hawaii skateboarders all year long. The great green our aina provides is just the icing on the cake!

Big Mahalo to Darryl for getting this great day of wheel turning together! 
More photos and video to come soon!

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