Spring Break Mini Vents # 2

Here we go!
2nd race of the Spring outlaw mini-vents!
This race will be a more epic race. There will just be 2 rounds in this event.
The first round will be a chinese downhill, 2nd round will be held on a course created by jacob lopez. This is going to be a very dangerous race because there are alot of cars in pearl city and there is a police station close to the bottom. so beware!!!

Again Helmets are required for this race. NO ANDS, IFS, OR BUTS!
There is a 5 dollar entry for this event. small price to pay for this great event.
In this race, i will double the amount of points u make in the overall mini-vents!!!! so dont miss this one.
Try to wear bright clothes so cars can see u a lil better.

Meet up at pearl city leeward bowling ally parking lot, all the way in the back. If u got any questions message TERRY.

March 26
Meet up is at 9:30pm
Race will start at 10:00pm

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