2011 Mountain Moonlite Summer Series.

***From the 2011 Mountain Moonlite Summer Series facebook event page.***

Aloha everybody!
Welcome to the 2011 Mountain Moonlite Summer Series event page.
Be ready for some critical jam packed 3 months of races and mini events.

---Some Rules and Regulations---
***Helmet and Gloves Required***, + points for more protective gear! not really though.
There will be a riders cap for the "races", 16 riders total will be able to enter, of course it will go based upon first come first serve. Only when i receive your entree fee will your spot be saved. so dont bother telling me to save you a spot in a race if u havent payed yet.

All races will take place on a full moon at 12pm, so rest up, request off, call in sick, pull a no sho. no matter its going down, literally.

****entree fee for races are still yet to be determined.****

Some Dates May Change accordingly, so keep checking back often if you aint sure.

as for spectators, not sure how its gonna work but if u want to spectate, ill advise you to please stay off the race road for safety of the riders and your self.

June 15- Ualaka'a Rusher

June 30 ~Mini Event~ UH Buta Hunt! list of 100+ things you gotta find, grab, take a picture of, do. wtvrs!, groups of 4, you got 45 min., GO!

July 14- Misty Maunawili Mongol Race. Being Thrown By KJ.

July 30 ~Mini Event~ KCC Chinese Escape. need i say more? just follow the chalk lines/arrows. lets see how many runs we can get in! PM timeframe.

August 13- Planning on a Big island event, may be a race, may be a slide jam. still figuring out the camping grounds and what not. i would need a rough estimate of the number of people that can "garantee" make it there for this event, before i can actually legitimize this event day.. so if you know you can make it,*Let Me Know ASAP.* serious inquires only. and if anyone has BI connections, that would be super helpful as well. we will need a camp ground and transport help, if anything.

post up any comments, recommendations, concerns, etc etc.

See everyone this summer!

Mahalo, Kenny B.

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