Spring Break Mini Vents # 2

Here we go!
2nd race of the Spring outlaw mini-vents!
This race will be a more epic race. There will just be 2 rounds in this event.
The first round will be a chinese downhill, 2nd round will be held on a course created by jacob lopez. This is going to be a very dangerous race because there are alot of cars in pearl city and there is a police station close to the bottom. so beware!!!

Again Helmets are required for this race. NO ANDS, IFS, OR BUTS!
There is a 5 dollar entry for this event. small price to pay for this great event.
In this race, i will double the amount of points u make in the overall mini-vents!!!! so dont miss this one.
Try to wear bright clothes so cars can see u a lil better.

Meet up at pearl city leeward bowling ally parking lot, all the way in the back. If u got any questions message TERRY.

March 26
Meet up is at 9:30pm
Race will start at 10:00pm


Spring Break Mini Vents # 1

The first spring outlaw mini-vents was epic!
Mauka level 3 winners are

1st- Miles
2nd- Pono

3rd- Josh

thank you everyone who has came out to the event to race and to the people that came to support it.

- Terry Lozano. Event Organizer. 


HAWAII voted # 1 skate destination in Concrete Wave readers poll.

  This years Concrete Wave readers poll was just released... and to my surprise HAWAII was voted # 1 ultimo dream skate destination! How awesome is that. We just had a very successful outlaw race season finish, and the scene is really growing. More companies and shops are supporting. Videos are everywhere. Maybe soon we will have enough backing to approach the state and show them we are not just a small group of delinquents out to terrorize Hawaii's neighborhoods. Every little thing helps us get to legal Hawaii skateboard racing. We have the hills, racers, sponsors... next thing is permission. 

Mahalo to everyone that voted Hawaii. Its helping us out the load! Come out and visit us, be ready for a good time. 


2011 Mountain Moonlite Summer Series.

***From the 2011 Mountain Moonlite Summer Series facebook event page.***

Aloha everybody!
Welcome to the 2011 Mountain Moonlite Summer Series event page.
Be ready for some critical jam packed 3 months of races and mini events.

---Some Rules and Regulations---
***Helmet and Gloves Required***, + points for more protective gear! not really though.
There will be a riders cap for the "races", 16 riders total will be able to enter, of course it will go based upon first come first serve. Only when i receive your entree fee will your spot be saved. so dont bother telling me to save you a spot in a race if u havent payed yet.

All races will take place on a full moon at 12pm, so rest up, request off, call in sick, pull a no sho. no matter its going down, literally.

****entree fee for races are still yet to be determined.****

Some Dates May Change accordingly, so keep checking back often if you aint sure.

as for spectators, not sure how its gonna work but if u want to spectate, ill advise you to please stay off the race road for safety of the riders and your self.

June 15- Ualaka'a Rusher

June 30 ~Mini Event~ UH Buta Hunt! list of 100+ things you gotta find, grab, take a picture of, do. wtvrs!, groups of 4, you got 45 min., GO!

July 14- Misty Maunawili Mongol Race. Being Thrown By KJ.

July 30 ~Mini Event~ KCC Chinese Escape. need i say more? just follow the chalk lines/arrows. lets see how many runs we can get in! PM timeframe.

August 13- Planning on a Big island event, may be a race, may be a slide jam. still figuring out the camping grounds and what not. i would need a rough estimate of the number of people that can "garantee" make it there for this event, before i can actually legitimize this event day.. so if you know you can make it,*Let Me Know ASAP.* serious inquires only. and if anyone has BI connections, that would be super helpful as well. we will need a camp ground and transport help, if anything.

post up any comments, recommendations, concerns, etc etc.

See everyone this summer!

Mahalo, Kenny B.