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       OahuWinterOutlawSeries. - THE SCORCHER.

     The second race of the 2010 Oahu Winter Outlaw Series was The Scorcher Invitational. This race course is called Hawaii’s gnarliest race course yet for a reason…  crack filled, steep, gravel covered, closed, hairpins, rocks, holes…just to name a few. A total of 16 racers were invited, but 10 racers made it on time to register ready to race.
            After taking about an hour of practice runs the heats were chosen and the race is ready to start. Racing was a 1 on 1 format, which seemed to be raising butterflies in lots of racers bellies… Can you say KAVA! Round 1 is Cory T. vs Kaimana P, Nikko K. vs Kdub, MackDizz vs KJ, Ben F vs Miles L. along with  Jeff K. and Will R. getting to skip to Round 2 for being the first to sign up.

Round 1 is full of fast falls and riders flying off the road at all directions.  After intense racing making it to Round 2 is Cory, Miles, Jeff, Nikko, Will and KJ.

Its round 2 and the heats are Cory vs Miles, Jeff vs Nikko and Will vs KJ. The racers really seem to have the hang of the course now. This round had way less people going off the road, and WAY closer racing. The 3 racers who battled it out past this round are Miles, Nikko and KJ…How are the heats going to work now?

            Now is where the surprise bonus round came up, the three racers eliminated were now given the chance to compete in a 3 man heat…The winner moves on to the Semi Finals.  In the survival round it is Cory vs Jeff vs Will. The pack of three are very tight in the first two hairpins but spread out a little bit with a minor fall in the steep straight. Flying into the bottom right turn was Cory with a BIG gap between the other racers. Just as he’s throwing his predrift he takes a spill and dislocates his shoulder, but with cheers from all of the racers, takes off back down the hill to take the heat. When walking back up the hill Cory decided to give his spot to second place due to his shoulder, so Jeff moves on.

            The semis are set, Miles vs Nikko and KJ vs Jeff (reg vs goofy in both heats) First down the hill was Miles and Nikko, and these two were CHARGING.  Nikko is in the lead as they approach the bottom two hairpins. At the fastest ( and bumpiest) part of the hill Nikko drops a foot and Miles matches him with a predrift close behind. They approach the last hairpin leading to the finish when Miles makes a last minute swoop for the win and a spot in the finals.  The second heat of the semis was another close battle and coming out victorious was Jeff taking the second spot in the finals.

            Finals are Miles L. vs  Jeff “ CJ KANG”…goofy vs goofy and in the consi is Nikko K. vs KJ N. First is a fall filled consis, riders taking something like 2 falls a  person in 1 run! And taking it was KJ. In the finals it was all STYLE for MILES! Taking it flawlessly with a shaka and smile on his face. Couldn’t have been a cleaner run on the GNAR.

            Riders first through fourth won some cash money, plus schwag from Jati, Sector 9, Dirtytree, Rip City Skate, Black Velvet Slide pucks and System Media. Lots of other riders showed up through out the day to support and cant wait to race the course next year! Thanks to everyone who came out and see you at the rest of the Oahu winter outlaw series events! 

- WheelTurnerHawaii.

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